Core Strength For Runners + Weekly Workout Recap

Today’s theme for Tuesdays on the Run is “Core Strength For Runners”. Before I get into my weekly workout recap, I thought I would share a few exercises I have been doing lately to work on my stability. These were recommended after my Functional Movement Screening based on my areas of weakness and current level of strength. They were described to me as being a bit advanced, but if you were already doing some core work (like planks) then these should be a good progression. 

core stability

Quadruped Rock Into Stability Ball- This is one I still struggle with, but think of it as a different version of bird dog. Start on all fours, place a stability ball against the wall and rock your hips back into the ball. Push back hard to engage your core while keeping your spine neutral. Slowly lift out one arm straight in front of you, without tilting your back. Lower arm, release hips from ball, and repeat on other side. Complete 10 reps on each side. 

Eccentric Push-up- Start in a good plank position with straight arms. Slowly lower down for 3 counts, and push up for 1 count. Focus on keeping good form throughout the exercise. Work up to 3 sets of 10. 

Plank With Leg Lift- Start in a plank position with straight arms. Slowly raise one leg up straight, and then lower, and repeat on the other side. I was taught to keep my back straight by laying a bar from my head to my tailbone- it’s hard to practice on my own but if you have someone to help you it’s a great way to ensure good form during this exercise! Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Kneeling chop- Start on knees next to a cable or band tied to something high up. Grab the band and engage your core. Slowly pull down and across your body, without moving your shoulders or hips. Release back to starting positions. Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps on each side. 

weekly workout recap

Here’s how last week’s training looked:

Monday: Iron Strength Workout

Tuesday: Hip exercises, 3.1 miles

tuesdayWednesday: Stability ball workout, Hip Girdle exercises, 4.5 mile tempo run, myrtle routine


Thursday: Core/strength/stability work (see above), Foam Rolling

Friday: 5 miles


Saturday: 9 miles


Sunday: Rest

Total: 21.6 miles

My mileage was lower mostly due to cutting back my long run and running 4 instead of 5 days this week. It was one of those weeks that I didn’t really think about a plan ahead of time, and just did what I felt like each day, and this was how it turned out. 

I’m planning to make this upcoming week a big cut-back week with very little running- maybe just 1 or 2 days. I want to feel mentally and physically rejuvenated before I start training the following week- but more on that another day!

Tuesdays on the Run

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Do you incorporate core stability exercises into your workout routine?

Have you ever had a Functional Movement Screening?

How were your workouts last week?

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49 responses on Core Strength For Runners + Weekly Workout Recap

    1. I walked outside for work today and was SO glad I didn’t run this morning! The heat and humidity is awful!
      It seems like barre is an awesome workout for core stability!

    1. A good week for cutting back then! I am glad to be running so little this week with how hot and humid its supposed to be.

    1. When I first started doing them at my chiropractor I was sore for almost a week!

    1. Its a great exercise and so simple! Glad you are enjoying being back to training. I am definitely looking forward to having a little more structure again!

  1. Great core moves! I pride myself on a strong core. I suspect my short torso enhances my core and upper body strength. That first one is new to me. Need to try! Last week was the first solid training week for me since we left on vacation. Time to get with the program!
    Marcia recently posted…My Big Fat European VacationMy Profile

    1. I think its kind of nice to get back to structures training after some time off. The first exercise is harder than it looks! I definitely feel it in my lower abs.

    1. I definitely get bored when I do the same exercises all the time so I really enjoy trying new ones!

    1. 3 times a week is great! And I think a little bit can go a long way if you are doing them correctly.

    1. It is definitely a challenging exercise but a really good one! Once I start training again I really need to focus on keeping up with my core work. Great job getting in your longest run since your last marathon!

    1. I think that the FMS was really great. However, I still haven’t mastered some of the tests…like I still can’t pass the push-up test even though I have been working so hard on push-ups for the past few months!

    1. 10 minutes of core work can go a long way! It can be overwhelming to try to fit in more than that.

    1. I think a lot of us can fall into the habit of skipping core work, but its definitely important!

  2. Well, I always INTENT to incorporate core strengthening exercises into my routine, Lisa; does that count? HA! No, I do try to do core work a couple of days a week, even if it’s just the plank series from Iron Strength; it depends on how much time I have available, but I know that I need to MAKE time because it’s important. I love this Quadruped Rock Into Stability Ball exercise! I’m definitely going to have to try this one. I think it’s great that your planning a cut back week before you begin another training cycle…I’ve been thinking about that myself, lately. Great post and thanks for sharing more great ideas!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Training RecapMy Profile

    1. Well at least your intention is there! A few days a week is great! And planks are one of the best core workouts.
      I am definitely enjoying a down week before training begins!

    1. Yep, the core definitely includes more than use the abs! I’ve found its the most helpful to focus on exercises that work as much of the core as possible at once.

  3. I’m so bad at consistently including stability exercises into my post-run routine. I tend to do them for a week or two then skip a day…which turns into a few missed days… which turns into like a few weeks… YIKES. But I would really love to get back at being disciplined about them. Training was okay… still waiting for something to click – although I did skip my long run this weekend as I am ahead of schedule and want to avoid burnout at all costs. Hope you have a fabulous day!
    Jamie recently posted…#MIMM Where I Did NothingMy Profile

    1. Being ahead of schedule is great! That was smart to skip a long run to avoid burnout. That’s happened to me before when I tried an 18 week training cycle!

    1. I think you should give the stability ball a try! It’s not so bad:) Good luck with the eccentric push ups!

    1. Very clever:) And yes hopefully they will help with increased mileage and more intense training!

  4. Yay for starting training!!! I’m hitting my high-mileage weeks right now, legs are TIRED. But I’ve been so much better about core work and overall strength training this cycle – in large part thanks to your motivating posts!
    Hilary recently posted…Thinking Out Loud No. 6My Profile

    1. Thats awesome to hear! It can definitely be challenging when we are already doing so much running. But I really think it will help us overall to be stronger and faster!

    1. I’m sure the cross fit stuff has some great functional core work in there. And of course yoga is great for the core as well! I think its all about finding something that you will do consistently:)

    1. It was a new one for me too…really simple but I definitely feel my core engage when I do it!

    1. They are a little advanced, but nothing too crazy! The stability ball one is pretty simple but your really feel it in your core!

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