A Clumsy Week + Holidays + College Friends (TOL 29)

It’s been awhile since I did a thinking out loud post that was all over the place, and that’s the kind of day it is today. Ready? Thanks Amanda for hosting the link-up!

1. I survived Body Pump again this week. I don’t think I’m gonna be as sore as last week, but we will see. I kept my weights as light as possible, which felt really strange. I do really love the class though and now that I’m back I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it. 

body pump

2. I feel like I have been extra clumsy this week. Or maybe just had really bad luck? On Monday the oil for my salad completely spilled out of the container all over my lunch bag. And the container that I had brought my salad in had cracked. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t have any oil to put in there, or it would have been a huge disaster. 

 3. A few nights ago Rob got home and came inside to tell me that the trunk of my car was open. No idea how I managed that one. He said that he wished that all the junk I had in my trunk had gotten stolen, but no such luck.

4. Then on Wednesday morning I dropped my travel coffee mug in a pile of dirt while I was getting out of my car. Only a little bit of coffee spilled out, but I was too grossed out worrying that dirt got in to drink it. Not a good morning. 


After it was all cleaned out, but too late in the day for coffee

5. I haven’t been to my yoga studio sine the beginning of November. This isn’t a bad thing, since I don’t have a membership but buy 10 class packs so the longer they last the better. I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of doing classes on my own at home, although I have missed the studio experience. 

back when I had all my toenails...

back when I had all my toenails…

6. So Christmas is in 2 weeks. How did that happen? I’m trying to enjoy this time of year because after New Years, winter is the worst. I hate January and February. 

7. I finished the last of my Christmas shopping this week, so that’s a relief. Now I just need to wait for everything to come in the mail, hopefully before I leave for the holidays. The worst is when you’re not home and they bring your package to the post office. The last place I want to be this time of year is in a post office, and I will do everything I can to avoid it. But our mailman is nice and doesn’t want our packages to get stolen so he doesn’t leave them outside our door. 


making progress…

8. Another place I don’t like to be around the holidays is the dollar store. Or Walmart. I have been at both of these places over the past week and I hope I don’t have any reason to go back. 

9. It’s been forever since I had Starbucks and I really want one. As I was writing this post, I remembered how last spring I use to always talk about Starbucks in my “Thinking Out Loud” posts. I’ve cut back tremendously but once in a while its a nice treat!

red cup

10. This weekend I get to see my college friends! Alli is visiting from Boston and even though Katie and I both live in Baltimore we never get to see each other.  Remember Alli who got engaged in June and Katie who ran her first half-marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival? We were even roommates once upon a time. I’d rather not think about how long ago it was because it just makes me feel old. 


this is just from one year ago. No one needs to see pictures of us from 2003.

Have you finished your holiday shopping?

When was the last time you saw your college friends?


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52 thoughts on “A Clumsy Week + Holidays + College Friends (TOL 29)

  1. Fun stuff … I have a pet peeve about TOL posts that aren’t 😉

    I totally get the ‘clumsy week’ thing – there are definitely days where we can’t seem to get out of our own way, and so long as we don’t get hurt, it is something to laugh about!

    Love the picture of you and your friends. Though it is true sometimes looking at older ones … well, a little embarrassing until you get old enough to stop saying ‘what was I thinking’ and move onto ‘who cares … we had FUN’! :)
    Michael Anderson recently posted…Video Games – A Winner, and Another Freebie!My Profile

    • It can be really fun to look at older pictures- maybe we will even do that this weekend! I just couldn’t find any that I was 100% sure they would both be ok with me posting on the internet! Facebook came out our senior year, so our college pictures didn’t get posted there (which is probably a really good thing)
      Glad others can relate to the clumsiness thing! Some days/weeks are just worse than others for me!

  2. Have a great weekend with Katie and Alli! I am so glad you girls are getting together!
    PS: I don’t think you have much junk in your trunk…just sayin’:)

    • Haha you are too funny!! Thanks- I am so excited to see them! Hopefully we can get together (me, Katie, you and my mom) soon!

    • I wonder if the soreness will hit you in a day or two? Sometimes that happens for me and I cant even remember what I did that would make me sore. Or maybe you have gotten so used to barre that your body was able to handle a new routine better than expected!
      Hope you enjoyed your starbucks:)

    • Im also glad that there weren’t picture phones in college, or Facebook! It came out our senior year so none of our college pictures made it there.
      I love my kuerig, and its so much cheaper and more convenient than buying coffee. But it is a nice treat once in a while!

    • That sounds good, I will use that excuse!!
      Ha, glad you caught the foam roller. I realized after I took the picture that it was there. It just blends in everywhere now.

  3. This REALLY was all over the place and i loved it. As i write this i have 6 windows open to help me catch up on blogs, three windows open to start online shopping for Christmas, and i’m eating breakfast. I so appreciate your randomness!

    OH Toenails…..You are overrated anyway…just kidding. i hate hen they hurt and are falling off…it grosses my husband out big time!

    I’m sorry about your clumsiness, i have definitely had those days/weeks myself, its infuriating!!
    Nicole@TheGirlWhoRanEverywhere recently posted…Runs that help improve your pacesMy Profile

    • Haha yes toenails are definitely overrated!
      Good luck with all your blog catch-up and online shopping!

  4. This time last year my Starbucks addiction had hit an all time high. I’ve really cut back this year, too. Go us! It was an expensive addiction!

    Hope you don’t feel as sore this week after Body Pump! I am afraid to do wall sits again because I am just now feeling back to normal (hah!), but I am going to give it a try!
    Kristina recently posted…Speedwork is Doing Its Job!My Profile

    • Yay for cutting back on the starbucks addiction!
      So far Im feeling much better after body pump this week- I hope you can survive some more wall sits:)

  5. College and graduate school them were the days even though we had piles of work. We had nothing to be responsible for but ourselves. Shopping for the holidays in stores is like doing battle–I stay clear of them. People are on missions and will low you down. They are so intense over things that really don’t matter. The whole happiness of what the holidays should be get lost in people’s endless search for things that the enjoyment of the holidays passes them by. I refuse to fall into that and never have. Enjoy them. Life goes by to fast. Each holiday is one you won’t have again. Everyone should take a chill, sit back and examine what they have to be so thankful for and enjoy family, friends, down time and peace. Bottom line, we say we are thankful but are we really, we don’t remember the other junk from year to year once it’s passed. Take a breather and enjoy. You deserve it and your family wants that for you!

  6. I was actually just thinking the other day how ridiculously clean my car is. Other than a couple of random things thrown into the back seat, I really don’t have anything else in there… like… my trunk is completely empty. But I think that’s mostly because clutter makes me crazy. And I -wish- I had all my shopping done, but I’m just getting started 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #108 .My Profile

    • Good for you for having a clean car! My husband always yells at me about the random stuff that we find in mine.
      Good luck with your shopping!

  7. I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, but I’m still waiting on some packages. Hopefully they come soon! I haven’t seen my college friends in forever. We still stay in touch, but most of them live outside of Massachusetts now so we don’t see each other as much as we would like to. I do see my high school friends pretty frequently though. We just did a cookie swap last week at my sister’s place.

    • Its nice that you still see your HS friends. Mine are mostly in NY so i only see them a few times a year.

    • It can become such an addiction! I know once I start going regularly, its really hard to break the habit!

    • I think that might have something to do with why I haven’t been to yoga:) I look forward to them all growing back at some point!

  8. I CANT WAIT!!!!

    1. thank you for not posting 2003 us. we were a hot mess.
    2. old. ha! we’re not even close to old. just a lot more reasonable than we used to be :)


  9. I used to drink Starbucks a whole lot more too, but I’ve cut back to maybe once a month, besides around the holidays…then it’s about every couple of weeks because I love their seasonal lattes:) I just finished my Christmas shopping, I ordered something custom off of Etsy that was made in the UK in the middle of November and it just now came, thank goodness! I just need to go pick out a few cards for gift cards, which I think are fun to pick out and read anyway. I went to college here in my hometown and most of my friends have stayed here, probably because of the winters haha.
    Hailey recently posted…11 days!My Profile

    • I would stay in a place with good weather too:) I think I go through phases with Starbucks based on the drinks they offer. And I usually get excited to go in the beginning of the winter and the beginning of the summer…I always like the transition from hot to cold drinks or vice versa!

    • I love Amazon prime! Although Im sad that now we need to pay tax on amazon in MD.
      Time really flies as the years pass out of college!

  10. HOW is Christmas only 2 weeks away?! I’m almost done shopping but I need something for my mom.

    A lot of my college friends are still my best friends. Most are back on the east coast in Boston and NYC so I will be seeing more of them once I move back to Boston next week, but a few are out here in San Francisco so it’s never long between seeing at least SOMEONE I know from college.
    Brenda @ Don’t Lose the Trail recently posted…2 days to race day – pre-race nutritionMy Profile

    • Even though alot of my good friends dont live close, they aren’t too far in cities like Boston and NYC. A quick flight or train ride away!
      And yes the holidays really snuck up on us, didn’t they?!

    • Well at least you got started already! I know some people haven’t done any yet! Good luck getting the rest done:)

    • Oh I would never want to be at Walmart on Christmas eve! Its definitely worth getting it done early to avoid that mess!

    • I love Body Pump and would love to teach it if I didn’t get nervous talking in front of a lot of people:) Maybe one day Ill do it!
      I think its helps that Starbuck is kind of out of my way. When I lived new one I stopped there all the time!

  11. I had the clumsiest morning ever today! I dropped more things than I can remember before I even left the house. Then I walked into a table & a wall at work. Thankfully by the afternoon it wore off :)
    I’m with you on January & Feb! Once New Year’s has passed, winter just blows. Literally. I have my fingers & toes crossed that this winter won’t be as bad as last year’s. Please no more polar vortexes (vortices?)!
    I finished the last of my xmas shopping through the mail too 😀 I kind of hate shopping (unless it’s a running store. or a bookstore.). Especially for other people. Amazon.com all the way!
    Have fun with your friends this weekend!
    Amber recently posted…My Boston Marathon Training PlanMy Profile

    • Thanks! Its nice to know Im not the only one who can be clumsy:)
      Oh I am so nervous about winter approaching…it can’t be as bad as last winter, right?!

    • I am really dreading having to go to the post office at all! And its good to know Im not the only one who has clumsy spells:)

  12. Nice work finishing your holiday shopping! I still need to do a little bit more.

    I like the red cup pic! I got starbucks the other day and as I was drinking it I was thinking that I really ought to take a photo of the cup, “because that’s what bloggers do”. Of course that thought immediately slipped my mind and I ended up with no new photos to post. Oh well…
    Lizzy recently posted…10 Day You Challenge – 6 placesMy Profile

    • Haha I am terrible at remembering to take pictures for the blog! I need to have a plan ahead of time of what I will be posting about so I can remind myself to take pictures!

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