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Workouts and Weekend Update

Well, we made it to March! I am planning to do a February recap/check-in post tomorrow, but for today I’m just gonna talk about what’s been happening lately and share last week’s workouts. My ClassPass Trial Expired on Wednesday, so I did my best to get in a few more classes earlier this week.  Sunday: Rest, PT […]

I’m So Over This Winter: Thinking Out Loud #39

I know that many of us are getting really fed up with winter at this point. Last week I tried to avoid complaining about the weather, but this week I’m just gonna go with it. Kind of an extension of this post about why I don’t like the cold weather and my previous thinking out loud post […]

Weekend Things And 10 Valentines Days

Is it really Monday again already? Maybe you are one of the lucky people who has the day off today. I’ll be working, but since the school where I work is closed that means an office/paperwork day for me. This kids are off on Tuesday as well (for staff professional development) so it’s a nice way to ease […]

Weekly Workouts And Other Updates

It’s hard to believe that another week of 2015 has come and gone! I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon wondering what this upcoming week of weather will bring. It seems like lately the weather predictions haven’t been very accurate, and they are saying that we may get a few inches of snow on Monday and […]

Random Things I Just Have Tell You

It’s Wednesday evening and it’s snowing again. I really thought I would make it through a week of Thinking Out Loud without complaining about the weather, but I guess not! At least today’s snow isn’t really sticking on the streets and sidewalks.  I wish that I didn’t have such negative feelings about the snow. The […]

Thinking Out Loud #32: Winter Complaints

Happy Thursday, everyone! Please bear with my today while I take some time to complain/vent! Do you know that when I went to write that sentence I had no idea if it was “bear with me” or “bare with me”? So of course I turned to google:  Answer: Bear with me is a standard expression […]

Weekly Workouts 12/7-12/13: Lots Of Short Runs

Since I have no training plan at all right now and I’m pretty much just running whatever I feel like, I’ve ended up doing short runs more frequently. This has also been giving me opportunities to test out my new Altras. I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time to really decide if I like […]

Winter And The Holiday Season Already? (TOL #24)

First of all, congrats to Michele who is the winner of my Bondi Band giveaway! I will be sending you an E-mail so I can get you your bondi-band! Now, time for some thinking out loud. I really don’t know how I feel about it practically becoming winter overnight. Between the time change and the […]

Summer Running: It’s Not All That Bad

Maybe I’m a little biased because I haven’t been running a ton lately, but I think I’ve managed to stay pretty positive about running in the heat and humidity so far this summer. Usually by this time I am constantly complaining and counting the days until fall. We usually go to Maine at the end […]

Raleigh Marathon Training Week 15 and Pre-Race Anxiety

How is this race only one week away?! I don’t know where the last few weeks have gone. The first 12 weeks seemed to drag (probably because it felt like the winter would never end) and now time is passing too quickly! Week of 3/30-4/5: Sunday 3/30: Quick Strength for Runners Week 8 (Part 1) […]

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