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Thinking Out Loud #32: Winter Complaints

Happy Thursday, everyone! Please bear with my today while I take some time to complain/vent! Do you know that when I went to write that sentence I had no idea if it was “bear with me” or “bare with me”? So of course I turned to google:  Answer: Bear with me is a standard expression […]

Whole30 Days 1 & 2 (WIAW)

Since today is Wednesday is only made sense to share what I have been eating for the Whole30 so far. While it’s not much different from what I usually eat, there are a few things that have been a little challenging already. The first is that I’m trying to not rely on snacks as much. I seem […]

A Fresh Start & A Whole30

Even though New Year’s Day was last Thursday, I feel like it was kind of hard to start making changes in the middle of the week. I decided to take the last few days of the holiday break to enjoy myself and start things fresh on Monday. I try not to go into “self-sabotage mode”before […]

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