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Charles Street 12 2015 Race Recap

The Charles Street 12 was held over Labor Day weekend this year, after being held in early August the two previous years. I think we were all hopeful for cooler temps for this race with it being closer to fall, but the Baltimore summer humidity still lingered. Otherwise, it was a great event once again! […]

Dreaded Druid Hills 10k 2015 Race Recap

It’s a good thing I committed myself to writing this recap for today, otherwise it would probably be one of those races that I blocked out of my memory. Truth be told it really wasn’t that bad. I think the fact that it was kind of a “blah” race for me (based on how I was feeling) […]

Trader Joe’s Favorites For Runners {Guest Post}

My apologies for falling off the grid since last week, but between attending a conference, getting sick, and leaving for vacation, blogging was the last thing on my mind. Lucky enough, I had already asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to help me out this week while I am away! Today I have a […]

Just Another Running Survey…

I know must of us saw this survey on Hungry Runner Girl a few weeks ago, and I’ve wanted to share a blog post with my responses. Today was one of those days when I didn’t have much else to say, so I figured it would be a good day to share my answers! 1. […]

Thoughts On Learning From The Past

After writing yesterday’s post about my 2015 goals, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what my next steps will be. Should I sign up for a half marathon? A full marathon? Wait a bit longer and continue on as I’ve been doing for a little while? How will I make sure that I can […]

“Is It Okay To…?” (Thinking Out Loud)

There wasn’t any wine involved in the writing of this post like last week, but there was a trip to the Verizon store and an incident involving cooking burgers on the stove and the fire alarm going off and not knowing where the smoke detector was for a good 3 minutes. But at least the […]

Stoneleigh Stampede 5k Race Recap

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran a 5k on Saturday- my first race of 2015! I had been thinking about doing a 5k but I didn’t really want to commit to anything until I knew that my body would be ready to race. However, I also knew I wasn’t in “racing” shape so I planned […]

Meal Planning And Prep: Go-To Meals And Recipes

Over the past few weeks I have skipped out on my meal planning and prep posts, simply because my weekends were busy and I barely had enough time to do the planning and prep, let alone post about it. However, some prep still got done and I planned meals as usual to help save time during the […]

Checking In From Baltimore

I usually don’t like to post about social issues, but when a crisis is happening in your backyard it’s impossible to ignore it and go on with your life. So I thought I would check in today as I have had some people asking about what’s going on and making sure we are okay. Thank […]

The Usual Thursday Thoughts

It’s that day of the week where we take some time to think out loud! I’m a little short on time this week, so forgive me if this isn’t well thought out or logical in any way. As usual, thanks Amanda! 1. It’s been pretty tough adjusting back to a regular week of work. I’m not surprised […]

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