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The Things I Won’t Run Without

Running should be a simple sport, but over the years we have managed to complicate it with all the accessories and devices that many of us use each time we run. I’ll be the first to admit that I am stuck in my ways with my running gear and accessories. I try to keep it simple, but […]

Using Fitness Trackers to Think Outside the Run

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about fitness trackers, really to share some thoughts I have had about mine lately. No, it’s not Thursday but who says I can’t think out loud on a Tuesday, right?:) It also happens to be this week’s topic for Tuesdays on the Run. So back in December […]

Dreaded Druid Hills 10k 2015 Race Recap

It’s a good thing I committed myself to writing this recap for today, otherwise it would probably be one of those races that I blocked out of my memory. Truth be told it really wasn’t that bad. I think the fact that it was kind of a “blah” race for me (based on how I was feeling) […]

Develop Your Fitness Routine to Stay Consistent and Motivated

People often ask me how I can work out almost every day, eat well, and live an overall healthy lifestyle without getting bored or overwhelmed, or just giving up altogether. Part of it may be my Type A personality that thrives off routine and consistency. Another part is the enjoyment I find in exercise and […]

Weekly Recap And Marathon Goals

I wasn’t planning to do a weekly recap post from last week’s training, but then I figured it may be worth sharing. Not a lot of pictures, since there were only two runs that happened…although I should have taken pictures of all the wine that was consumed. 😉 Monday: Hip and core exercises Tuesday: Strength training […]

Core Strength For Runners + Weekly Workout Recap

Today’s theme for Tuesdays on the Run is “Core Strength For Runners”. Before I get into my weekly workout recap, I thought I would share a few exercises I have been doing lately to work on my stability. These were recommended after my Functional Movement Screening based on my areas of weakness and current level of […]

Three Ways I Use The Forerunner 620 Features

I started using the Garmin Forerunner 620 in November 2013, and did a brief review around that time. I’ve been meaning to talk about it again now that I am more familiar with it, but never got around to it. Today I thought I would discuss three of the features of the Garmin 620 that stand […]

We’re Not In Baltimore City Anymore…

It’s been just over three months since we moved out of our little condo in Baltimore city and into a house out in the suburbs. While part of me feels like the time has flown by, I also feel like I have been living here for alot longer than three months! As I talked about […]

Molly Murphy Memorial 5k 2015

On Sunday we ran in the Molly Murphy Memorial 5k, a race to raise awareness for anxiety and depression in young adults. This was our second year participating in this race; however, last year the race was held in July. Somehow this year’s race was hotter even though it was a few weeks earlier in the season.  […]

Scenes From The Weekend + Hot Weather Running Tips

As promised, I’m back today to talk a bit about my weekend in Arkansas. For those of you who don’t know, Rob’s sister lives there with her husband (they’re both named Shannon!) and they just had a baby in April. This was our first time getting to visit them since the baby’s been born so […]

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