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Being A “Tough Runner” VS A “Smart Runner”+ Runfessions

Lately I have been fighting with myself over some of my running choices. Should I run outside? Should I skip my run? Should I take an extra rest day this week? Michele talked yesterday about how sometimes our stubbornness as runners gets the best of us, and I’ve noticed that about myself alot lately. Fun side note: […]

A Weekend Without Running (Or Wine)

No running or wine? Who’s blog is this? If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you probably have noticed that I am so set in my ways. Changing things up (read: skipping runs) is not easy for me. So this post will kind of be a running recap from last […]

Gym Stuff and Holiday Stuff (TOL 30)

Happy Thursday everyone! We are getting really close to the holidays now. Is anyone else having a hard time staying focused? I feel like I am ready to be checked out of work, and this week is dragging. Luckily, after tomorrow I will be off for almost two weeks! I’ve had lots on my mind […]

Raleigh Marathon Training Week 11 and Giving up Facebook

Week of 3/2/14- 3/8/14 Sunday 3/2: 8.2miles easy (9:32 pace), drills, Quick Strength for Runners Week 4 (Part 1) Monday 3/3: Rest, 45 minutes easy yoga  (Snow day) Tuesday 3/4: 8 terrible treadmill miles, PM- Pilates for Runners DVD Wednesday 3/5: 12 miles with 8 mile progression run in the middle (9:10 pace overall), core, Quick […]

Confessions of a Weak Glute Runner

A few weeks ago I wrote about how sitting too much leads my hips to get tight and low back to start bothering me. I have also complained time and time again about how much I hate running on the treadmill. My injury history is lengthy, and somewhat connected: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, hip labral […]

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