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Route 66 Marathon Training Week 7

This is around the time in my training that is usually the most difficult, mentally. I still have a long way to go ( 9 more weeks) but I have already been training for quite some time. I still have many long runs ahead of me but my legs are already starting to feel the […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Week 6

This was the first week I really felt like I was “marathon training”. I was tired from a race the previous weekend, had some harder workouts on the schedule, and bumped up my long run to 15 miles.  If you read my recap from last week, you’d see that I ran a 12 mile race […]

LDW and Route 66 Marathon Training Week 5

A Tuesday that feels like a Monday? I’ll take it. I hope those of you who also had yesterday off enjoyed a nice long weekend! I decided not to post yesterday so I’m catching up today with my recap of Week 5.  Monday: 5 miles easy, hip and core exercises. It was really hot and humid […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Week 4

I guess I would say I am back into the swing of things with training after being sick for a while. However, my cough is still lingering and it definitely impacted my race on Saturday (more on that tomorrow). Here is how the rest of the week looked: Monday: 5 miles easy, hip and core exercises […]

Develop Your Fitness Routine to Stay Consistent and Motivated

People often ask me how I can work out almost every day, eat well, and live an overall healthy lifestyle without getting bored or overwhelmed, or just giving up altogether. Part of it may be my Type A personality that thrives off routine and consistency. Another part is the enjoyment I find in exercise and […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Week 3

Believe it or not, I am on day 19 of being sick. It is feeling like the slowest recovery process ever- the first week was a terribly sore throat, then it was a week of coughing, and now it’s all head congestion/sneezing. Physically, I feel much better than I did the first week. I have […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Weeks 1&2

Hi there! After the longest blogging break I’ve taken in a while, I’m back. Sort of. I’ll probably be somewhat sporadic this week as I have a bunch of other things going on, along with trying to catch up on life after vacation. Thanks again to Meredith and Laura for guest posting while I was […]

Weekly Recap And Marathon Goals

I wasn’t planning to do a weekly recap post from last week’s training, but then I figured it may be worth sharing. Not a lot of pictures, since there were only two runs that happened…although I should have taken pictures of all the wine that was consumed. 😉 Monday: Hip and core exercises Tuesday: Strength training […]

The Marathon On My Mind

After months of debating about a fall race, I finally bit the bullet and decided to run a marathon at the end of November. I knew that if I did a full it would be the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, because Rob had already signed up, and we were planning to incorporate it into […]

Core Strength For Runners + Weekly Workout Recap

Today’s theme for Tuesdays on the Run is “Core Strength For Runners”. Before I get into my weekly workout recap, I thought I would share a few exercises I have been doing lately to work on my stability. These were recommended after my Functional Movement Screening based on my areas of weakness and current level of […]

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