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Thoughts Involving Summer And Running

It’s probably no surprise that I will be talking about summer and running today. Lately that is all I talk about, along with food (occasionally).  I give those of you who run in the afternoons/evenings so much credit. I ran 2 miles with a coaching client Wednesday afternoon, which was a relatively cooler day, and it was […]

5k Thoughts And A Few Other Things

Let’s start off today by talking about some typical thoughts that may or may not go through your mind while you are running a 5k. Having done three 5ks in the past three months, I am quite familiar with these thoughts: Mile 0-.5: “Don’t start out too fast. Why is everyone else starting out so […]

All The Important Thoughts

I had alot of important thoughts this week that I wanted to share today, but of course they went out of my brain as fast as they came in. Please note my sarcasm, as my random thoughts are rarely important. So let’s see what I can remember, mostly based on the pictures I have saved on my […]

House Stuff And A Day Off (Thinking Out Loud)

Hello and Happy Thursday! I have been trying to sit down and write this post for a good hour now, and I keep getting distracted. Sometimes that happens when I try to Think Out Loud. So I poured myself a glass of wine, and maybe you want to do the same? Unless it’s 7am and […]

Throwbacks and Thinking Out Loud

I need to start off today’s post with something super random about ketchup. I really am obsessed with ketchup and the other day at dinner Rob caught me holding onto the bottle while we ate. Apparently I need to guard my ketchup with my life and I don’t like to share.  Something else I have been […]

Bad Pizza, Weekends, and Fitness Trackers (Thinking Out Loud)

Has this week felt like it’s dragging to anyone else? I knew this would be a rough one- it’s the last full week of school and my first 5 day work week in awhile. I also feel a bit thrown off after getting back on Sunday night and not really having time to adjust back […]

10 Thoughts This Thursday

I hope that everyone had a great National Running Day yesterday! I loved reading everyone’s posts about why they run. I’ll leave the link-up open until next week, so you can still add your post if you haven’t yet! So today is Thursday, but it’s actually my Friday because I am heading to Arkansas tomorrow! […]

“Late Night” Thinking Out Loud

1. I don’t think I will need to point out that today is Thursday because you will figure it out as you read today’s random post. It will probably be even more all over the place than usual because I am writing this at 9pm and I usually don’t blog anytime after 7pm. Plus,  had a glass […]

Thursdays Really Are For Thinking Out Loud

Even though I write my Thursday posts on Wednesdays, by the time the middle of the week rolls around there’s really zero chance that I will write anything too meaningful. It’s the perfect day to just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Also, it helps to look back at my iPhone pictures to see […]

Back To Thinking Out Loud

It’s been way too long since I have shared a “Thinking Out Loud” post full of random nonsense. This feels like the perfect week to jump back in, so let’s get started!  This week is teacher appreciation week, but at my school they are calling it “staff” appreciation week because there are lots of us […]

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