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All Over The Place Life Updates

I had every intention of having my Baltimore Half recap up yesterday, but never got around to writing it. And then when I finally sat down to blog I realized I had a million other things on my mind and it would be too hard to think back on the race. And what better way […]

Turning 32 and Adult Drinking Habits (TOL)

I always get excited when I start my Thinking Out Loud posts because it means the weekend is in sight! -It reminds me of college when I used to go out on Thursday nights and convinced myself that it was the start of the weekend. It always made for a struggle on Friday but it […]

Thoughts from the Halfway Point

As I mentioned on Monday, I recently passed the halfway point in my marathon training. With 8 weeks down and 8 more to go, I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what I have learned so far- thinking out loud style. 1.BODY GLIDE!!!  I have been running for over a decade […]

Weddings, Long Runs, Pinterest, and Sunrises

I’m excited because today is the last day of the workweek for me, and tomorrow I am heading to NY for a wedding!  Two of my favorites are getting married which also means I get to spend time with lots of friends who I don’t see very often! I am pretty lucky because I am still […]

Thinking Out Loud: Fall Feelings

I am definitely having mixed feelings about fall this year. I am excited for cooler temps and fall activities, but not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. How about an update on some things going on this week, thinking out loud style? Labor Day may have come and gone but I just can’t give up […]

More Running Related Stuff to Think About

Is it really Thursday already?! I’m still so thrown off from the long weekend!  Blogging this week has been all about running, so why not continue the trend? I mean isn’t that what I always talk about anyway? I made it back to the track on Tuesday for the first time since I got sick in […]

Runners are a Little “Different”

Lately I have been saying how I never want summer to end, but I think this week the weather has led me to possibly change my mind. It feels like we are having some of the worst weather of the season lately. I’ve felt thirsty all day long (which may also have to do with […]

Thinking Out Loud: Catching Up

In the midst of my blogging break last week, I missed my two-year blogiversary! I think it was way more exciting to reach the one year mark. I wrote a whole post about it here! I also shared this on instagram, but haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet. Daily Mile has a new coaching […]

Thinking Out Loud 8/6/15

Happy Thursday everyone! I guess I would say this week is moving right along, although today and tomorrow will likely drag because I will be stuck sitting in a  conference all day. But it’s all good because then on Saturday I head to the beach! As usual I’ll be thinking out loud with Amanda today… […]

Thinking Back And Thinking Ahead

After seeing Billy Joel in concert last Saturday I’ve had his songs in my head all week. Which makes me want to play his songs all the time. Maybe you would like to enjoy some tunes while you read through this week’s random post? Speaking of Billy Joel songs, I think the only song I know […]

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