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A Look Back at March 2015

Here we are a few days into April, so it’s time to look back on the month of March and check in on 2015 goals! You can read my other monthly recaps so far here: January 2015 February 2015 -As you may know I have been in physical therapy since early February. I stopped running […]

Workouts + Meal Planning and Prep 3/22-3/28

This was one of those weeks that felt like it dragged on forever even though I only worked 4 days. Not sure why, but I think part of it is the anticipation of spring, spring break, and moving over the next few weeks. The food was nothing special (except eating at Flemings- that’s always amazing!) and the workouts […]

Trying New Things And The Recipe For Success

As you may or may not know by now, I am definitely a creature of habit. I get comfortable in my routine, and have difficulty changing things up. While it’s good to be willing to try new things and be flexible, I think there is also something to be said for having a routine. I […]

Grown-up Weekends Aren’t Much Fun

For some reason when I sat down to write about my weekend I got total writer’s block. Maybe that’s because not a whole lot happened? Or possibly because I am slightly sucked into the episode of Parenthood that I am watching (thank you all for encouraging me to keep watching it- it’s definitely gotten better!) […]

Weekly Recap and a Long Run Workout

Whenever I get my weekly recap up on Saturday it makes me feel like I am winning at life. (Since lately they’ve only been done every few weeks). This weekend is the first relaxing one in awhile…so I’m taking advantage of having lots of time post long run to foam roll, sit around in my […]

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