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Pre-Run Glute Activating Exercises

A few people have asked about the exercises I do before a run. I usually use some glute activating exercises as part of my warm-up, depending on what kind of workout I am doing that day. This is my current collection of exercises, and I usually choose abut 3-5 before I head out for my […]

Weekly Workout Recap And Thoughts about the “Long Run”

Now that you are all up to date with my busy but fun-filled weekend, let’s back up a bit and talk about last week’s workouts. As I mentioned on Friday, I switched up my strength-training a bit last week so I want to share how that played out. I was actually really glad I did […]

Plyometric Strength Workout And Supplemental Exercises For Runners

So far this week my workouts have been a bit different than usual. I will probably end up running about the same as I usually do, but instead of taking an hour strength training class at the gym and dong the Iron Strength workout, along with core work a few other days, I added alot […]

Workouts + Meal Planning and Prep 3/22-3/28

This was one of those weeks that felt like it dragged on forever even though I only worked 4 days. Not sure why, but I think part of it is the anticipation of spring, spring break, and moving over the next few weeks. The food was nothing special (except eating at Flemings- that’s always amazing!) and the workouts […]

Tried It Tuesday: Pilates and Reflex Fitness

Last week I had the opportunity to try a few more classes through ClassPass. I realized that my membership would be over on 2/26 so I started planning out a schedule to make the most of it. The weather last week made things a little tricky. I had signed up for a cycle class last Tuesday but […]

Top 5 Items For Your Home Gym

Today’s Friday Five Topic is “What’s in my gym bag?”. Well, I don’t have one! I usually walk into the gym with my keys and phone, and possibly a pair of headphones and that’s it. So I can’t really do a Friday Five with that! Instead, I thought I would share my top 5 home […]

That Time I Felt Like I Ran Another Marathon

No, I didn’t run another marathon after Philadelphia, but last week I sure felt like I did. After taking a full week off from all forms of exercise besides some light yoga, I got back to some easy running and workouts last Monday. I hadn’t been to my beloved Body Pump class since the first […]

Back To School Strength Circuit

As I have started training for my next marathon I am still trying to incorporate strength workouts when I can. I’m no longer taking body pump classes because I feel like they are pretty tough on my body and take up a little more time than I would like. I’m trying to focus everything on […]

Weekly Recap {Beach Running}

If you follow me on Instagram, your news feed has likely been bombarded with daily morning pictures of the sunrise and some other running pictures. Well, in case you haven’t had enough I’m here to share my workouts from the past week- which was my last week before marathon training begins! Weekly Recap for 8/10-8/16: […]

How To Spend A Rainy Day At The Beach

We knew Monday night that the forecast for Tuesday wasn’t good. When I woke up at 6 Tuesday morning I could tell it was darker out than usual, and when I stepped out on the balcony it felt like it was drizzling already. I headed out for my run and it was cloudy, humid, and […]

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