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Sunday Meals and Recovery vs Rest Days

Similar to most other weeks, last week Sunday was a day off from running for me. Typically, we call this a “rest day”. While that is true, I’ve been trying to think of it more as a “recovery day”. Whats the difference? Typically when we think of rest, it involves doing very little- maybe sleeping in, […]

Using Self-Myofascial Release Strategically to Prevent Injury

If you have visited my blog before, chances are you have read that I incorporate foam rolling into my training regime. Also known as self-myofascial release, foam rolling and other self-massage techniques help to reduce soreness and improve range of motion, which in turn can help to prevent injuries and allow for shorter recovery periods […]

How To Use A Coregeous Ball

There were several questions after last Friday’s post about the Coregeous Ball.  I thought I would share a few ways that I have used it. First, let me show you the size compared to an 8 pound weight: It is about the size of a soccer ball but not nearly as heavy. You can use a […]

Race Recovery And Plans

Now that it’s been over a week since the race, I thought I would talk a little about my recovery. I was really hurting after I finished the marathon- more than I remember hurting after my other marathons, but probably because my hips were bothering me for so much of the run. I didn’t eat […]

Thanksgiving in Cape Coral 2014

I’m back from a great week away in Cape Coral, Florida! I spent Monday through Saturday with Rob’s family there celebrating Thanksgiving and relaxing. There was no running, lots of food, and a few glasses of wine.  We left Monday evening, and we were both exhausted from the marathon the day before. I seriously feel […]

Rest Day Eats And Drinks

I always used to think that on the days  I wasn’t running or working out that I should be eating less. Maybe so in some cases, but I think its more important to listen to your body. I have actually found that I get really hungry on my rest days now. If you think about […]

The Final Stretch- Positivity and Relaxation

Monday again already? How did that happen? Last week was crazy busy and I was running around pretty much all day Saturday (literally running 16 miles and then running around doing errands) but Sunday was finally a day to relax. Of course days like that go way too fast! As I am moving into the […]

Race Day Recovery Tips

I’ve talked a bit before about how I typically recover after a log run, but when you race (even if its for a “training run”) it can be difficult to implement the same recovery strategies in the hours following the race. I thought I would share a little bit about my immediate recovery from Saturday’s […]

The 20 Miler That Almost Wasn’t (MIMM)

On Saturday, I ran my first 20 miler of this training cycle. I have two on the schedule, so I knew if I didn’t get this one in I would be putting a lot of pressure on myself to get the second one in. Once I have at least one 20 miler done I feel […]

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 7

This was a cut back week, and I think I really needed it! Especially knowing what’s coming next week…(a 20 miler next Saturday, hopefully). So here is what went down in week 7: Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 7 Sunday: rest & recovery Monday: Easy 4 miles and core work Tuesday: 7.4 miles: 1 mile warm […]

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