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When You Want To Blog But Don’t Feel Like Thinking…

When you want to blog but don’t feel like thinking… …you share pictures of your food. And random musings from your day. I actually came up with some topics to blog about while I was working out on Saturday morning.  However, they were posts that required a little more thinking and effort. When I want […]

Make-Ahead Spaghetti Squash With Turkey Meatballs

It’s been awhile since I shared a recipe on here! I think my creativity in the kitchen has been low lately, but as you know I have still been meal prepping each weekend! As I was prepping last weekend I thought I would share one of my easiest, healthiest, go-to meals that I can prep over the […]

Meal Planning And Prep 3/8-3/14

Last weekend was a busy one but I still made sure to get my prep done, especially because I knew I would be busy during the week too! I did half of my prep on Saturday and half on Sunday to make the most of any free time I had. I also started with prepping lunches and saved […]

Back To Normal (WIAW)

Now that snow days are ancient history (hopefully!) I feel like I am back to a regular schedule. Which means my typical food, for the most part. The one nice thing about being home more last week was being able to be more spontaneous about my food choices! (But really, most of the time I ate the same things […]

Meal Planning and Prep 3/1-3/7

Last weekend was another typical week of meal planning and prep. I tried to add in a few different meals, but for the most part it was the same old stuff, especially breakfasts and lunches.   Meal Plan Week of 3/1-3/7: Sunday: Homemade pizza with grilled chicken, broccoli, and spinach Monday: Paleo stuffed peppers Tuesday: Turkey veggie meatball “pasta” Wednesday: chicken thighs, […]

Meal Planning and Prep 2/22-2/28

Lately I have felt like I’ve had a better rhythm with my meal planning and prep. I guess it got a little more stressful when I was doing the Whole30 because I really wanted to try different things that required some more work. But now I know what we like, and I try to stick with things […]

Meal Planning and Prep 2/15-2/21

Last weekend was back to normal with meal planning and prep…sort of. Remember how we went to Whole Foods and it was crazy? Well, after that we went to Fresh Market to get things we couldn’t find at WF and then couldn’t imagine going to a third grocery store, so we tried to get all our groceries […]

Mostly The Same Meals + Snow Day Food (WIAW)

I’ve been realizing lately that I really get stuck in the habit of eating the same things day after day. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just easier that way. I was all prepared to share what I ate on Monday when I realized its all the same stuff I always eat. Then I […]

Meal Planning and Prep: The End of the Whole30

I’m just popping in as usual on Saturday morning to share my meal planning and prep from the past week! Our Whole30 ended on Tuesday, so of course for Rob that meant buying chocolate chip cookies on Sunday in preparation for the big day when he could eat sugar again. I’ll admit that I bought a […]

Meal Planning And Prep Whole30 Week 4

Well even though this past week was “week 4″ of the Whole30, I still have until next Tuesday to complete the full 30 days. I’m already wondering if my meals will change at all from what I’ve been eating and I don’t think they really will. Except for adding desserts back in- which will probably be paleo […]

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