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Year Of Running 2014

2014 was quite a year in running for me. Originally I had wanted to aim for running 2014 miles this year (tracking with Run This Year) but I realized around October that I wouldn’t hit that number. I’m really not even disappointed, because I still think I will hit close to 1900 which is by far […]

Race Recovery And Plans

Now that it’s been over a week since the race, I thought I would talk a little about my recovery. I was really hurting after I finished the marathon- more than I remember hurting after my other marathons, but probably because my hips were bothering me for so much of the run. I didn’t eat […]

Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Recap

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with lots of good food! What better way to spend the next morning than reading a super long race recap? I’m sure that was the first thing you felt like doing when you woke up this morning. If you’re up for it, grab some coffee and get comfortable because this […]

Post Race Check-in

It’s Sunday night, just hours after the marathon, and I’m finally sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, and waiting for delivery pizza. Also, avoiding packing for Florida which needs to get done sometime between now and tomorrow afternoon. I’m sort of wishing I took tomorrow off from work. Oh well, how can I complain […]

Race Day Recovery Tips

I’ve talked a bit before about how I typically recover after a log run, but when you race (even if its for a “training run”) it can be difficult to implement the same recovery strategies in the hours following the race. I thought I would share a little bit about my immediate recovery from Saturday’s […]

MIMM: BRF 2014

I feel like I have talked about the BRF (Baltimore Running Festival) on here so much that you would have thought it was my goal race. I guess in a way, maybe it was. I had been itching for a new half-marathon PR all year, especially after holding the pace I wanted in both a […]

First Race Memories: Baltimore Running Festival 2007

With the Baltimore Running Festival coming up this weekend, I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about the first time I ran this race in 2007. It  was not only my first half-marathon, but it was my first race ever. I’m sure a pretty basic lesson for most runners is to first do a shorter […]

The Most Inspiring Part Of The Racing Season

One of the reasons I am glad that I chose to run a late fall marathon is that I am a few steps behind everyone else who has earlier races this season. I had a few extra weeks before I started my training, and hearing about others who were starting to train really got me […]

Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 6

I’m not really sure how a whole week has gone by and I still haven’t gotten caught up on everything. But this weekend has already been a productive one and I am hoping to have more time for blogging over the next few days! The good news is I survived another week of marathon training […]

Breaking Through a Mental Wall in Training

I saw this topic pop for the Tuesdays on the Run link up, hosted by Run The Great Wide Somewhere, My No-Guilt Life, and MCM Mama Runs, and felt like I was at a good point in my training to talk about this. The mental side of marathon training is tricky. You want to be […]

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