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A Look Back at August 2015

I say this every month, but I really can’t believe it’s the beginning of September already. That means the summer is pretty much over, and I have no idea where the time went!  Now that August is over, it’s time for my monthly check-in to see how I am doing with my goals. You can read […]

A Look Back At July 2015

I definitely feel like the spring and summer months always go by faster than the winter months. That makes sense, because every winter I feel like I am stuck inside and constantly complaining about the weather. Even though I complain about the humidity, I would much rather deal with that than the ice/snow/wind etc.  Now that […]

A Look Back at June 2015

And just like that half of 2015 has come and gone! As usual I will be talking about June but also the first half of the year overall.  You can read my other monthly recaps so far here: January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 -I say this every month, but I’m […]

A Look Back at May 2015

I just wanted to remind everyone that Wednesday June 3rd is National Running Day! I am planning to write a post about why I run, and I encourage others to do the same! You can click here to make your own customizable “Why I Run” bib. I was also thinking of adding a link-up to my […]

A Look Back at April 2015

Can anyone else believe it is May already? April really flew by for me with so much going on! I am excited to finally be moving into the warmer months, and there are lots of fun things coming for the rest of the spring and summer! For now, it’s time to pause and look back […]

A Look Back at March 2015

Here we are a few days into April, so it’s time to look back on the month of March and check in on 2015 goals! You can read my other monthly recaps so far here: January 2015 February 2015 -As you may know I have been in physical therapy since early February. I stopped running […]

A Look Back At February 2015

Now that February has come and gone, it’s time to take a look back at the month and check in on New Year’s Goals. As I explained in January’s monthly recap, I am still focusing on long term goals, which means that I have been unable to really start working on any of my short term […]

A Look Back At January 2015

In the spirit of sticking with New Years’ goals, I thought I would try doing a post at the end of each month to check in on things. I can tell you right now that January didn’t go as planned in many ways, but I am thinking more about my long term goals for the whole […]

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