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Things I’ll Miss About Living Here

Shortly after this posts publishes, we will be off to do our final walkthrough and then close on our new home! It’s a very exciting day, but also a bit stressful and overwhelming! As we have gotten closer to being able to move, I’ve started counting down the days until I am out of our […]

A Look Back At January 2015

In the spirit of sticking with New Years’ goals, I thought I would try doing a post at the end of each month to check in on things. I can tell you right now that January didn’t go as planned in many ways, but I am thinking more about my long term goals for the whole […]

Weekly Workouts And Other Updates

It’s hard to believe that another week of 2015 has come and gone! I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon wondering what this upcoming week of weather will bring. It seems like lately the weather predictions haven’t been very accurate, and they are saying that we may get a few inches of snow on Monday and […]

A Weekend Without Running (Or Wine)

No running or wine? Who’s blog is this? If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you probably have noticed that I am so set in my ways. Changing things up (read: skipping runs) is not easy for me. So this post will kind of be a running recap from last […]

A Fresh Start & A Whole30

Even though New Year’s Day was last Thursday, I feel like it was kind of hard to start making changes in the middle of the week. I decided to take the last few days of the holiday break to enjoy myself and start things fresh on Monday. I try not to go into “self-sabotage mode”before […]

Christmas Week 2014

Well, I am finally back to blogging after quite a whirlwind of a week! Today’s post is going to be kind of a catch-all of what I’ve been up to. I’ll go day by day and share my workouts and some pictures of what was going on. When we last left off I was sick and talking about […]

Year Of Running 2014

2014 was quite a year in running for me. Originally I had wanted to aim for running 2014 miles this year (tracking with Run This Year) but I realized around October that I wouldn’t hit that number. I’m really not even disappointed, because I still think I will hit close to 1900 which is by far […]

Thanksgiving in Cape Coral 2014

I’m back from a great week away in Cape Coral, Florida! I spent Monday through Saturday with Rob’s family there celebrating Thanksgiving and relaxing. There was no running, lots of food, and a few glasses of wine.  We left Monday evening, and we were both exhausted from the marathon the day before. I seriously feel […]

Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary! (MIMM)

Today Rob and I are celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary! Well, technically we celebrated over the weekend because who really has time to do anything fun on a Monday? I’m planning to share some of the fun stuff we did later in the week, but for today I thought I would share some wedding […]

MIMM: Weekend Highlights

Another weekend has come and gone, and I thought I would check in today and share some of the highlights from the weekend. It wasn’t a particularly good or bad weekend, but there are some things worth sharing, so here we go! We had ZERO trick or treaters on Halloween! We usually only have a […]

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