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Using Self-Myofascial Release Strategically to Prevent Injury

If you have visited my blog before, chances are you have read that I incorporate foam rolling into my training regime. Also known as self-myofascial release, foam rolling and other self-massage techniques help to reduce soreness and improve range of motion, which in turn can help to prevent injuries and allow for shorter recovery periods […]

Weekly Recap, Trail Running, And Addressing Weaknesses

Another week back to running is in the books! I only ran 3 days this week, but did increase my long run to 8 miles.  Sunday: 30 minute online barre workout Monday: 3 miles easy, core and glute exercises Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Body Pump and CX WORX Thursday: 4 miles, core and glute exercises  Friday: Iron Strength Workout Saturday: 8 miles, core […]

The Run I Needed

It happened. The run that I have been waiting for. You all told me that I would find my running groove again and I knew I would, I just had no idea when it would happen. I’m not calling this a comeback (yet) but its a huge step in the right direction. Even though I […]

Trying New Things And The Recipe For Success

As you may or may not know by now, I am definitely a creature of habit. I get comfortable in my routine, and have difficulty changing things up. While it’s good to be willing to try new things and be flexible, I think there is also something to be said for having a routine. I […]

Progress Is Not Always Linear (PT Weeks 4&5)

You probably have a pretty good idea how things are going in PT based on the title of this post, along with some other things I have mentioned this week. I figured it was time for an update since I have been trying to do them weekly.  I was hoping to be able to have some positive updates […]

This Week’s Thoughts and Ramblings (TOL #38)

Thursdays sure come along much faster when you have a random snow day on Tuesday!  I always feel like days off in the middle of the week make the week fly by. However, the winter still drags on. I just avoid looking at the 10 day forecast now because it’s too depressing. So let’s talk about what’s been […]

Adventures in Physical Therapy Week 2: Hip Exercises and Simple Running Drills

Today I will be sharing the first set of exercises that I learned in physical therapy. You can check out this post to read about my gait analysis. These exercises are focusing on hip strength and stability. I’ll also be sharing some quick drills to help with my overstriding, and the stretching and piriformis release that […]

Adventures in Physical Therapy Week 1: Gait Analysis Results

Last week I had a running gait analysis done at the MedStar Harbor Hospital Sports Medicine Clinic. I have been to this clinic several times in the past- once after hip surgery, and then again 3 years ago when I was having problems with my piriformis. In 2012 I had a gait analysis done and […]

Life Updates Thinking Out Loud Style

After being away last weekend I feel really behind with blogging- although technically I’m not. I kept up with my daily posts and have found time to read other posts and reply to comments. However, earlier this week I did scheduled posts knowing I wouldn’t have time to write anything Sunday or Monday. Then Wednesday […]

Be Your Own Injury Detective

As you probably know, lately I have been dealing with some nagging pain and tightness that has interfered with my running. Did you notice how I didn’t use the word “injury” there? I didn’t even want to use the “I” word in the title of this post but I also didn’t want it to be 15 words […]

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