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Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 9

This was a cut back week for me, since I had a half-marathon on Saturday. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to run it, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt either way to have a  lighter week of workouts and miles. I took out my MGP run, thinking that at least some of my half-marathon […]

First Race Memories: Baltimore Running Festival 2007

With the Baltimore Running Festival coming up this weekend, I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about the first time I ran this race in 2007. It  was not only my first half-marathon, but it was my first race ever. I’m sure a pretty basic lesson for most runners is to first do a shorter […]

What I Think About When I Can’t Sleep (TOL #21)

I basically came up with most of this post on Tuesday night when I woke up around 12am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Does anyone else have their most profound thoughts in the middle of the night? Like I seem to come up with a million things I should do at work, and also […]

Thinking Out Loud #19

Is it Thursday already? Well that’s good because this week has been a crazy one and the sooner its over the better. After a couple weeks away (or maybe just one? I can’t keep track) I’m back for some Thinking Out Loud! Please ignore any underlying tones of frustration in this post. That’s just the […]

Weekends Are For Long Runs And Wine

Last week at work someone asked me what plans I had for the weekend. My reply? “I get to run 18 miles on Saturday”. Yea, I definitely got quite a look about that statement. All week I was seriously excited for my long run. I’m not sure what is was- probably a combination of the […]

Run to Remember 5k: Not Quite a PR

On Sunday I ran in the Run to Remember 5k held by Charm City Run and sponsored by the Mercy Foot and Ankle Institute. This was my third time participating in this race, and it’s always a great one. The race didn’t start until 8:46 which is much later than I usually go out running. […]

Humidity and Hills: My Two Worst Running Enemies

This past weekend reminded me of just how much I hate humidity and hills when running. Well I actually don’t HATE hills- I really enjoy a nice downhill and I am learning to conquer the uphills slowly but surely. But they still make my legs tire much more than running on flat ground. My run […]

Thinking Out Loud #15

Well its Thursday again which means as usual its time to think out loud! Let’s see, what have I been thinking about this week? Running Aren’t I always thinking about running? This week running has been really good. Besides the little foot scare earlier in the week, I have felt great. I hit all my […]

Charles Street 12 2014 Race Recap

On Saturday I ran in the Charles Street 12. In case you don’t feel like reading every little detail about this race, I am going to start off by just summing up the race day’s key points: I ran a 1:33:41, which is a 7:48 pace. It was a really fun but challenging race! We […]

Thinking Out Loud #13: I Need Your Help!

Just to warn you there is a lot of rambling in this post. I am only “thinking out loud” about 3 different topics because I have way too much to say about each of them! Get ready… Oh and happy Thursday:) 1. As a follow up to Tuesday’s post, let me update you all a […]

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