The Best Things About Running

This week’s theme for Tuesdays on the Run is “The best thing about running is…”, but how could I choose just one thing? I figured five was a reasonable number, without going too overboard. Be sure to check out the link-up to see what everyone else loves about running! Thanks Marcia, Patty, and Erica for hosting! 

the best things about running are

I tried not to overthink this too much and just came up with the first five things that popped into my head.

1.Being outside: It always feels good to get fresh air and some Vitamin D. I don’t spend much time outdoors besides when I am running (expect in the summer) so my daily run gives me a reason to get out there. 


2.The gear and accessories: I may not love spending money on this stuff, but I would rather buy running shoes, outfits, and gear than most other things! 

running shoes

3. The endorphins: There is nothing like that feeling I get after a good run. Not all runs are good runs, but I think that’s what makes the good ones that much more special. And 99% of the time I am glad I got out there, even after a not-so-good run.

4. The challenge: I think the reason I like training for races (specially longer distances) is because of the challenge they provide me with. As much as I may dread speed work or a 20 miler, part of my loves the feeling I get after I complete one of these tough runs. 


5. The community: I may be a solo runner but I still love the running community! The run-blog community has introduced me to so many amazing people all over the world! And if I meet someone in real life and find out they are also a runner, we instantly have something to talk about. (I’m pretty sure the IT guy from work helps me out a little extra because we bonded over marathon training a few years ago.)

What are your favorite things about running?

Do you “connect” better with people you meet when they are also a runner?

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33 thoughts on “The Best Things About Running

  1. I always look forward to “springing ahead” because I mostly run in the early evening, and the end of March was when I could start wearing shorts again! I have to say the Fall is my favorite time to run. The endorphins, oh my! People you meet at races are really nice! New shoes are always a treat! Running on vacation is awesome too! Back in Philly, my internist was a runner. He didn’t have a great personality, and some people didn’t care for him, but we always connected and enjoyed talking about running and races.

  2. Hahah yes, the gear! It’s funny because whenever I’m buying regular shoes I contemplate them for a long time before finally shelling over the cash. When it comes to running shoes I don’t even think twice! I guess it’s because I consider good running shoes a necessity and regular shoes are just … a nice to have! hahaha
    Kristina recently posted…Day in the Life + Scary Dream!My Profile

  3. The community’s the best. I discovered a coworker in a different department is also a runner because he was wearing the shirt from a half marathon I did in 2012. Hey, I know that shirt!
    Lesley recently posted…Running BoulderMy Profile

  4. Running is truly the only thing that will get me to spend time outdoors, and I’m really grateful for that! I’ve found a new appreciation for fresh air and sunshine because of running. For me, the friends I’ve made and the community are #1, and I think so many runners feel this way because it’s TRUE! Our community is the best!

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