A Week of Indoor Workouts and Meal Prep

Other than a little bit of shoveling on Monday and Tuesday all of my workouts took place inside this week. Digging out from the blizzard left me pretty sore, so the first part of the week was on the lighter side with other workouts. I started a week free trial at a gym on Wednesday, so at that point I was able to start running on a treadmill. 

Monday: Rest/shoveling

Walk: 1.5 miles


Tuesday: Shoveling plus some yoga and core work

Walk: 2.25 miles


Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill and core work

Walk: 2 miles Push-ups: 20

Thursday: I had no motivation to go to the gym so I followed this strength circuit to get in a bit of cardio without leaving the house

Walk: 2.77 miles Push-ups: 45

Friday: 3 miles on the treadmill and core work

Walk: 2.6 miles Push-ups: 10


Saturday: 6 miles on the treadmill

Walk: 4   Push-ups: 12

Sunday: Strength workout and went for a walk

Walk: 2.75

Total: Run: 14 Walk:   Push-ups: 4 days

Yearly Mileage:   174.98/2016

Even though it’s warmed up a bit I am still having a hard time finding anywhere to run outside. I know I will get really frustrated when I make it a quarter of a mile and then hit a point where I cannot go any further. This is a picture of the snow accumulation from our basement door as of early last week:


One of my goals for this year was to get back into doing meal planning and prep, and while I started off the year strong, I got a couple of weeks reprieve by being away in Florida and then because of the blizzard. So this week I got back to it, and thought I would share my plan and how I prepped this weekend. 

meal planning and prep

Saturday: Out

Sunday: Crunchy cashew Thai quinoa salad with chicken

Monday: Salmon, roasted red potatoes, asparagus

Tuesday: On our own (I’m meeting friends for drinks/food)

Wednesday: Chicken (not sure how I will cook it yet), baked potatoes, broccoli

Thursday: Tacos 

Friday: Pasta, turkey meatballs, and salad

meal prep

Other than prepping some of the food for meals, I also made a frittata for breakfasts, roasted some sweet potatoes and cooked steak for lunches, cut up some veggies, and made these oatmeal cookie protein bites and soft ginger molasses cookies. We also had lots of errands to do, plus I ended up cleaning basically the entire first floor of the house after I made a mess in the kitchen. It was a busy but productive weekend!

How were your workouts last week?

Who else had to take their workouts indoors?

What’s on your meal plan for this week?


Thanks to Holly and Tricia for hosting the link-up!

whats for dinner

I’ll also be adding this to the “What’s for Dinner?” link-up from yesterday with Laura and Jill!


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34 thoughts on “A Week of Indoor Workouts and Meal Prep

    • I haven’t done Pure Barre in a few weeks. After going to the running clinic I am sticking with the exercises he gave me for now until I get the form down (alot of what we worked on is posture related and doing more advanced moves will probably cause me to lose form). But hopefully I will get back to it eventually!

  1. That amount of snow is really incredible. I can’t imagine what it must be like to try to get around in that. Driving, running, doing basic errands must be such a hassle, not just because of the snow but because you have to dress and undress in many layers multiple times per day! I don’t think I would survive :)
    Kristina recently posted…I’m Not Going to PRMy Profile

  2. Wow you guys really got buried in snow! I bet you can’t wait for that to melt so you can get outside and run! Most of my runs are inside on the treadmill right now. Its just how it goes around here in winter but on Saturdays if the temps are at least in the high teens, I will venture outside. Great meal prep with lots of nutritious options! I thought I would mention this -) since you changed your theme, your header is running off the screen (at least on my computer). I can only see the W in Wine.
    Angie @ Pace with Grace recently posted…Icebreaker Relay – Oiselle Birds RepresentingMy Profile

  3. I cooked and baked a little bit yesterday. I made banana nut muffins for the week, then last night’s dinner was chicken Milanese, with enough for leftovers for 1 meal. Leftovers makes things so much easier.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 2/1My Profile

  4. I feel so frustrated for you and all that stupid snow! I’d be going CRAZY by now. It’s going to feel so good when Spring comes and you can take off outside. You’ll feel like you’re escaping prison!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  5. You did a great job of mixing out your workouts indoors. Sometimes I struggle with that when I can’t ru, but I think incorporating a variety of different exercises and moving quickly through them (like you did) works best for me. Yay for meal prep! I have a whole post I want to do about it but I really find that it keeps me on track and organized for quicker meals throughout the week. I hope the snow starts melting soon! :)
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Redirecting energy, races, and Diners, Drive Ins and DivesMy Profile

  6. Your basement picture tells the whole story! I can’t imagine. You had a strong week even though you kept it indoors. You food prep picture is very impressive. You got your colors in! I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even get to the grocery store over the weekend. And it’s never fun to go on Monday evenings. Thanks for linking with us Lisa. I hope you have a better weather week and can get outside.
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Another Recovery Week (WW # 26)My Profile

  7. Lisa I’m glad you were able to get your runs in even if it was on the treadmill. I struggle with meal prep! Heck I struggle with figureing out what to cook two nights in a row. Cooking ahead is out of the question so I admire those of you who can do it. I read what Holly said about Monday evenings at the grocery store and let me just tell you I think there are more crazies out then than at midnight! Wait I may just be considered one of them …. Hummm?? Thanks Lisa for linking up with us. I hope all that snow melts soon!
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…I Could Use a Little Help Being More MindfulMy Profile

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