A Look Back at August 2015

I say this every month, but I really can’t believe it’s the beginning of September already. That means the summer is pretty much over, and I have no idea where the time went! 

august monthly check in 1

Now that August is over, it’s time for my monthly check-in to see how I am doing with my goals. You can read my other monthly recaps here:

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July 2015

2015 goals

 -I am planning to run my last half marathon of the year in October. I doubt it will be a 1:40, but it could possibly be a PR depending on how my training is going between now and then. However, I’m not specifically training for a half-marathon, and this is not my goal race.

-If you have been following along this year then you already know that the mile and race goals aren’t happening due to time off and reduced mileage in the spring. It’s looking like I will have one more race per month this year (although I am not sure about December) which would make for 8 races this year.

-I am continuing to work on my strength even though I have started marathon training. One day per week is devoted to strength training, plus I do hip/core work 3 days a week. I have also formed a close relationship with my foam roller.

foam rolling it band

-Uhh the planking didn’t go too well this month once again. I usually plank on my core days, so its more like 3 days a week.  

-I read a bunch of books this month! Now if I only I could remember what they were…. One was The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton which my friend’s mom recommended last month when I asked for book recommendations (thanks Sue!). I also read The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition by Matt Fitzgerald- very interesting information!

-I already shared my marathon goals for my fall race, which is not a BQ. 

-I wrote a bit last week about variety and consistency. I think I have the consistency piece down, but I think with marathon training it’s tough to have too much variety. At least I had a lot of variety throughout the rest of the year!

August 2015 Stats and Highlights

Total miles: 100.4- broke the 100 mile mark for the first time this year by the skin of my teeth!

Best run: I would probably say my 13 mile run two weeks ago. I was still recovering from being sick, but still had a pretty good run with lots of hills. August was not a great running month for me as I was fighting this cold for just about the entire month!


Favorite Non-Running Activity: Does foam rolling count? My strength training workouts haven’t been all that exciting, it’s more about getting it done. And with no access to a gym, my activity options are limited. 

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Biggest accomplishment: Running this challenging 10k while still recovering from being sick!


Set-backs and struggles: This silly cold that just won’t go away!

Things I’m looking forward to in September: The Charles Street 12, increasing my mileage/long runs, some cooler temps (maybe?) and a wedding in New York!

What were some August highlights for you?

What are you looking forward to in September?

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43 responses on A Look Back at August 2015

  1. I think you did great! 1oo.4 miles for August with that cold is very impressive. Foam rolling is so good for you – I need to get on this as well. I have been neglecting it big time. So inspired by your post on this.
    I read Matt Fitzgerald’s book last month as well. I though it had some interesting tips and approaches as well. Love reading your blog because of all the dedication you have for running.
    Ilka@runningoutofwine.com recently posted…Training Log for the NYC Marathon 8/24 – 8/30 Week 7My Profile

  2. I love reading about goals and goal check-ins, they definitely make me consider how I am doing on my own monthly goals. I love reading about your running recaps and your running goals, but it makes me miss running so much! At least I can live vicariously, right?
    I miss reading! I have not prioritized my time well enough to allow for that; it will definitely be on my goal list for this month!
    Heather@hungryforbalance recently posted…WIAW: When in doubt, just eat nut butterMy Profile

  3. Can you believe we’re nine months into the year? I feel like it was just yesterday that everyone was posting their goals and dreams for 2015. I need to go back and look at mine!

    I am looking forward to some cooler temps. I can already see them coming … lately it’s been in the 80s with feels like temps in the 90s for me, which is relief from the feels like 100 temps in July/early August!

    I can’t wait for you to start posting snow pictures :)
    Kristina recently posted…Turnt Up for the Chicago Marathon!!!My Profile

  4. I JUST wrote about how hard it is to hold yourself accountable for cross training and mentioned ab workouts in particular! At least 4x this year I’ve made the goal to do short ab workouts 3x a week and I’ve failed to keep it up every time! I don’t know why it’s so hard!

    What other running books have you read? I’m currently reading Meb’s book- Run to Overcome and it’s pretty good.

  5. I think you have had a great month! 100 miles is so admirable, as are all of your goals! Let me just say, it is super refreshing to see someone humbly admit that some of the goals they have made earlier in the year are just not attainable at this time – which is totally okay!! I feel the same way with some of my goals, and though they might not be met in the next few months – there is all the time in the world to try again:) Thanks for letting me know I am not alone! Good luck with your September goals!!
    Grace @ Diary of a Running Snail recently posted…People Over Exercise – Your Thoughts?My Profile

  6. August highlights were definitely finding my groove again with running. Not feeling so forced, but should definitely still work on foam rolling, stretching, and getting enough sleep! I’m looking forward to cooler running temps, my first half marathon tune-up this training cycle, and getting ready for the holiday season! Never too early to start yeah? Happy Wednesday!
    Jamie recently posted…WIAW – The “Cleanse” EditionMy Profile

  7. Just caught up on all your posts :) Sorry to hear you’ve been sick the past few weeks. I am getting over a cold/cough myself. Hopefully you’ll be okay for the Charles 12 – I’ll look out for you! I’ll probably get to Kenilworth on the earlier side so I can get my bib and run some miles before the race.

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