A Day of Non-Training Eats

It’s been awhile since I talked about food here, so I thought it was time to share what I have been eating lately. I like to do this at least every couple of months because it really helps me to see how my habits gradually change over time. I’m not sure if I expected my eating habits to change when I stopped training, but they haven’t. Well, other than no longer having a raging appetite and eating 4 snacks a day. 


I still start my day with coffee and blogging, but lately I have been giving myself a little more time in the morning to relax. I usually wake up at 5 and start working out between 5:30 and 5:45. This is a nice change from waking up at 4:30-4:45 and starting my run at 5am!


I am back to smoothies this week. On Monday I made a smoothie for breakfast (which I drank while getting ready for work) and also two of these chocolate chip muffins


I’m still eating apples as a snack at work. I tend to eat them all year round, unlike berries which we typically only buy when they are in season. 

sweet potato chili

For lunch I had sweet potato chili. I made a huge batch of this in the crock pot on Sunday. I am planning to bring it for lunch a few times this week and freeze the rest for later use. 

lara bar

My afternoon snack was a LARA bar- no change there!

pasta bake

I also prepped a pasta bake on Sunday so when I got home from work on Monday I just had to heat it up in the oven. It’s a recipe I just kind of threw together on my own. I would be happy to share it if anyone is interested but it’s not very exciting:)

christmas ale

No dessert tonight (although most days I usually have something) but I did enjoy a Christmas Ale while laying by the fireplace and catching up on blogging. 

Do you eat differently if you are training for a race? 

Do you like to prep/cook big batches of food over the weekend to save time during the week?



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53 thoughts on “A Day of Non-Training Eats

  1. I’m a huge advocate of prepping my meals on Sunday – its really the only time I have to do so if I don’t, its toast or take out. That’s where slow cookers and pasta dishes are our best friends. That pasta dish looks delicious, whatever it is. I’ve seen a few like this floating around and so now I have quite the craving. Yay for giving yourself more time to relax in the morning :)
    mylittletablespoon recently posted…WIAW: Not So Tricky “Tips”My Profile

    • I always plan out my meals and grocery shop on the weekends, so even if I don’t prep I still cook whatever I have planned. I try to plan things that don’t take a while, but sometimes its the last thing i want to do after work! I am always grateful when things are prepared ahead of time!

  2. If I have time over the weekend, I do like to make big meals on both days so I have leftovers during the week. The crock pot was great to have this summer because I could cook a lot of chicken over the weekend so I didn’t have to cook in the hot afternoons.

  3. I’m a big weekend food prepper. The most I usually do during the week is heat something up, or toss some chicken in the crockpot if I run out mid-week. & doing that is a total life saver too. I can’t believe I used to come home with no idea what I was going to eat each night. I’ll never go back!
    Jessie @ The Acquired Sass recently posted…WIAW : Stuck on repeatMy Profile

  4. That pasta bake looks delicious! I definitely like cooking a big batch of something to have throughout the work week. It just makes things easier and I can then make sure I’m eating healthy, nutritious meals throughout the week. I would say I eat more when I am training/running more since I just feel more hungry. Lara bars are the best!
    Angie @ Pace with Grace recently posted…Year in Running ~ 2015My Profile

  5. I definitely eat MORE when training for races or if I’m doing an intense exercise program. More of the same things, just bigger volume I guess, and more snacks!
    Meal prepper… eh, I’m definitely not a “hashtag ‘mealprepSunday'” kind of girl. I do like to make bigger portions of things and have leftovers a couple nights a week, but a whole humungo shop to prep everything in little containers for the week? While in theory sounds like it’d save time and be convenient, it’s just not me!

  6. I love my Keurig machine. Best Christmas gift ever!! The sweet potato chili looks delicious and I’m saving that recipe. I’m hung up on Zone Bars as my morning snack and greek yogurt as my afternoon snack. Raspberries are still good in our area and I’ve been buying the little mandarin oranges. Since I have male teenagers in the house, there is absolutely nothing ever left over from the weekend! LOL.
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Celebrate Small VictoriesMy Profile

  7. i love apples for a work snack, i also bring a banana for the morning snack. i dont typically prep meals in advance but we do cook things that serve more than 2 so we can have lunch leftovers for work. that didnt really start as a healthy thing but a money saving thing cause buying out lunches can be super expensive

  8. That’s my favorite flavor lara bar! Wow, you sure do get up early – I wish I could be that early of a riser, but I agree that it is so nice to have some extra time to drink coffee and read blogs. I want that sweet potato chili!

  9. YES prepping big batches of food is ALL we do. :) Oh, and Paul sometimes puts sweet taters in his chili! I see you make yours with them already in, but he just adds his later. I can’t wait to tell him sweet potato chili is actually a thing! I don’t really eat differently when I’m training for a race because I am pretty active all year, even if I am not doing race specific like training. I eat a lot of food, I’m not going to lie. I’m actually more hungry on days I lift than on days I run. Sometimes it freaks me out that I eat so much on those days but I just try to embrace it and go with it. I tell myself if I am legitimately hungry, there is nothing wrong with eating.

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