5 Winter Things + Runfessions

It's been awhile since I joined a Friday Five link-up, but I did participate back when we talked about favorite summer and fall activities, so I thought that winter deserved a little attention this year too. You may know that I am not really a fan of winter, but I am going to try to point out some of the things I do like about this time of year. 

  1. Baking- There is something about the cold weather that makes baking so comforting. It warms the whole house, leaves the kitchen smelling delicious, and you end up with treats to eat while you are stuck indoors.cookies
  2. A fireplace- This is the first year that we have had a functional fireplace, and it's so nice! We use it like every day even though it hasn't been that cold yet. It really makes it feel like the holiday season, I think. fireplace
  3. Red wine- Well, wine is pretty much my drink of choice all year round, but in the winter red wine is definitely my #1 drink because I don't want anything cold. wine compression
  4. Weekend mornings (consisting of coffee and pajamas)- Now that marathon training is over the weekends are much more relaxing. I love being able to curl up on the couch in my pajamas with a cup of coffee reading blogs until I feel like heading out for a run. pajamas
  5. Running!- Winter is not my favorite season to run. but I love running any time of the year. I do enjoy running in the snow as long as it's not icy, and I can handle low temps, it's just the wind chill that really gets to me. winter run

And now, onto my runfessions. I haven't done these in a while either, but I guess I have some things to get off my chest:

-You know how I just said I like to lay around on the couch all morning? Yea, that has been really nice. It's super hard to get out the door, and I certainly can't blame the weather. 

-I have actually been enjoying all these other workouts I have been doing. Most days I am happy to just go downstairs to get in a quick workout rather than head outside for a run.


-I haven't had any desire to run more than a few miles or sign up for any races. This is very unlike me! I find myself thinking that I "should" want to do those things, but then I remember it's better that I don't have those desires right now- it's my time to rest and recover!

-I only ran 5 miles on Saturday (just because 45 minutes seemed like a good amount of time to be running) but that night my knee started hurting. It was so weird, because I had barely run at all that week. It bothered me all day Sunday. But luckily, because of my current "not caring about running" mindset, I didn't freak out at all and just figured that my body is still recovering from all my hard training. It felt fine by Tuesday, but I didn't run until Thursday. I have no idea what caused it (because I really don't think it was an easy 5 mile run), but maybe a combination of all the different workouts I had done that week. running shoes

I'm sure I'll get out of this rut soon (if that's even what you can call it) but I feel like a bad running blogger to admit all of this! Really though, I think that this just makes me more of a normal person, which usually, I am not:)

Do you try to get yourself out of a running rut, or just go with it?

What are your favorite things about winter?

Does it make you feel guilty to admit it when you don't miss running as much as usual?

Thanks MarciaCourtney, Mar, and Cynthia!


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52 thoughts on “5 Winter Things + Runfessions

  1. I hate the wind too! I can handle the cold, just not the windy cold or ice on the ground. I love lounging around on weekend mornings after my run. I went through a phase where I had zero interest in running races so I withdrew from one and just kept running until the desire came back. I don't run a lot of races and haven't run a marathon but I can imagine doing either would burn me out even more than I was at that time. I don't think I lose desire to run, I do find that getting up and out in the dark mornings makes it a little harder though. Have a great weekend.
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted...Lululemon Finds, Meal Plan & Recipes of InterestMy Profile

  2. Cooler weather always makes me want to switch up my usual get out the door running routine on weekends. I like to wake up around 8, take my time making some breakfast and eating slowly, then if I do that I need an hour to digest and I go for my long run closer to 10/10:30. Meaning by the time I get home and shower it's time for brunch. Run, eat, repeat I guess :)
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted...Blogger Secret SantaMy Profile

  3. If my body doesn't want to run during recovery, I don't. Sometimes you need to focus on the other workouts to build up strength again, and keep running fun. It never should be "I should be running." I'm enjoying my strengthening workouts too, and they can leave me sore.
    Lesley recently posted...3 Times a LadyMy Profile

  4. I actually feel guilty for *not* taking a break from running! Ha! It snowed here yesterday and while it was so pretty, I'm just like, no thanks. Rather not. The kids loved it though, and it's nice to see them so excited.
    Suzy recently posted...My GhostMy Profile

  5. I feel like after a really hard few months of marathon training, we need a mental break from training as much as a physical one. I took two full weeks off running and finally had the desire to get back out there after that. Since then, I've taken it pretty easy but I'm still enjoying my lazy mornings in bed too. Now is the time to focus on getting stronger anyways!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted...Holiday Parties x3My Profile

  6. I don't think you should feel ashamed at all to be in a running rut - after so much running and marathons, that happens! Plus it's a good time, like you mentioned, to cuddle up on the couch in PJs on weekend mornings. I actually enjoy winter running to an extent, as long as there is no ice!
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted...5 Running Tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  7. We have never had a home with a fireplace (the wood burning stove in VT wasn't the same thing). I want one of those gas ones you start with the touch of a button, because while I love a fire, starting a fire scares me.

    I love hot chocolate in the winter! It hasn't really been cold enough for it yet. I consider it my hot chocolate milk recovery drink after winter runs (and wouldn't you know tomorrow's night race decided to be cold?).

    I enjoy taking an off season, which I'm doing right now. I think it does a body good. Not that I stop running, but I run a lot less!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted...5 Reasons I am Grateful to my HusbandMy Profile

  8. As an admitted race addict, it's been nice to be able to sip my coffee and read blogs (or whatever) on weekend mornings as opposed to having to get up early to make a race. I don't appreciate the injury that forced me into that routine, but it's been nice to do my workouts later in the day. Enjoy your lack of running without any guilt. We all need a break. You'll be back at it soon.
    HoHo Runs recently posted...Runfessions (Holiday)My Profile

  9. Ugh I hate running with the wind chill! But I can handle pretty much anything else (minus ice). I just go with it if I'm in a running rut--we all need a break every now and then! Baking is definitely a favorite winter activity, as is staying in my pj's all day (is that considered an actual activity??). And I'm jealous of your fireplace, that's the only thing missing from our house!

  10. I have routinely bailed on running for a month or so the past few years...I needed the mental and physical break to come back at it refreshed. Great that you are doing new things. I went to Pure Barre once - it was pretty challenging!
    Kelli recently posted...10 weeks with my new coachMy Profile


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