5 Things to Love about Fall

Back in June I shared my 5 favorite summer activities which was the Friday Five theme that week. I seriously can’t believe that it’s time to talk about fall activities and that summer is over! I was reading over that post and I feel like I wrote it yesterday. As I have said, I have mixed feelings about fall but there are some things I am excited about, so let’s focus on the positive!


Fall Races

Fall is probably my favorite season for running and racing. I always prefer a fall marathon to a spring marathon, both for the training and the actual race. After months of running in the heat and humidity, it feels so good to be out running in October/November when it’s cooler. I always feel so much faster during those months! 

baltimore half 2014

Baltimore Half Marathon, October 2014

Fall Foods

I’m excited to start cooking and eating fall produce again- including spaghetti squash, butternut squash, pears and apples. You may find me baking with pumpkin once or twice too but I think all the hype about it diminishes any excitement I may have had.

butternut squash

Fall Drinks

I typically enjoy fall beers and am excited to try some different ones over the next few weeks. This is also a great season for red wine (but I could justify that statement pretty much any time of year). Occasionally I also like a warm hard cider. I have a recipe that my friends and I used to make when we lived together so I try to do that once a year. 


Fall Clothes

While I feel a little bit sad about putting away my flip-flops, I do enjoy boot season! I prefer fall clothes to winter clothes for sure, because who wants to have to wear 5 layers? Leggings are once again acceptable and of course we can hide our compression socks under out boots and pants again! I also love fall sweaters and hoodies. 

socks with boots

Fall Weather

For most of the fall it’s a great time to be outside! Unlike the summer when we are sweating just walking 5 steps, it’s actually comfortable to be outside in the fall. I am trying to figure out a weekend to go wine tasting, which we did 2 years ago for our anniversary. It’s also great weather for taking walks and sitting outside having a drink. 

wine tasting

The only thing I really don’t like about fall is that it is followed by winter!

How do you feel about fall?

What are some things you like or don’t like about this time of year?

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14 responses on 5 Things to Love about Fall

  1. Love fall – especially the Indian Summer when it’s still warm during the day but cool at night. And 100% can’t wait to start wearing compression socks to work. I always feel sneaky when I can pull it off :)
    Jamie recently posted…Just Like That…My Profile

  2. All these reasons! Sadly it doesn’t really cool down much where I live until November (it’ll be in the 90s all weekend). But this year I’m weirdly loving that it’s getting dark earlier. It makes it easier to run at night (not so hot) and makes me want to go to bed at a decent hour. I’m definitely looking forward to sweaters and boots!
    Hilary @ Embrace the Neon recently posted…Ventura Marathon 2015 RecapMy Profile

  3. I would say that only thing I don’t enjoy about fall is that winter comes right after. I love fall clothes and boots, cooler temps, changing leaves, wine, fall running, and fall scented candles burning in the house! Its a bit on the warm side here still and I’m feeling ready for fall to be here! Have a great weekend!
    Angie @ Pace with Grace recently posted…Friday Favorites #13My Profile

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