5 reasons to run

5 Reasons To Run

I guess you can say that after National Running Day on Wednesday, I have definitely had running on my mind. So why not continue the trend by talking about some reasons to run! This week’s theme for the Friday Five Link-Up is “National Running Day” which works out pretty well. It will be hard to keep my list to 5 but I will do my best!

5 reasons to run

1. To Wear Fun Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories. I love picking out running clothes and shoes and fun compression socks. I would never have started wearing compression socks if it weren’t for running!


(By the way, you can save 42% off everything at PRO Compression this month using the discount code “JUNE”).

2. To explore a place– whether you are visiting somewhere you have never been, or just checking out a trail in your own neighborhood. I love going running when I am on vacation. I have also seen parts of Baltimore that I never would have seen if I didn’t run.

maine running

exploring Maine by running

3. It’s exercise! Sometimes I forget that it is actually exercise because for me its a hobby and something I do because I like it. I would hate to have to force myself to do cardio at the gym!


4. It’s good for your mind. As I said on Wednesday, running helps me prepare for the rest of my day. It helps me work through problems and figure things out. It also challenges me and gives me confidence in other areas of my life.


5. The sunrises. Or sunsets. Or looking at whatever you like to look at during whatever time of the day you like to run…it’s an excuse to be outside and a chance to observe the scenery.


 Thanks to CourtneyCynthia, and Mar for hosting the link-up!

What are some other reasons to run?! (I know, there are just so many…)

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55 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Run

    • Thank goodness these things are good for us! It would kind of suck to be obsessed with something that was unhealthy:)

  1. Running is so good for the mind! And I love how I feel after a run, no matter what kind of run it was, even if it was a “bad” run. Not to mention, everything just tastes so much better after that sometimes, even when the run is crummy, I remind myself how great my post run meal will taste when I finish :)
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Happy Birthday To MeMy Profile

  2. 1. Stress Relief
    2. Keeps your Heart strong
    3. Helps you sleep better at night
    4. Confidence Builder
    5. Keeps you slim and strong

  3. Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who frequently forgets that running is a form of exercise. I hardly ever really think of it like that … except for speed work days 😉 When I think about how many days in the week I “worked out” I only count my strength training days!
    Kristina recently posted…Getting Back Into That Running Groove!My Profile

  4. Love it! So true – running is really something I enjoy doing. And while it may be just exercise to some people, it is so much more to me and something I LOVE. But one of my favorite reasons to run is because it makes me feel bad ass : )
    Jamie recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 6/5My Profile

    • Me too! Running while traveling also helps me keep in a good routine. But I definitely love to explore a new area!

    • I can’t imagine not doing it either! Hopefully we will both be running for many more years!

    • Haha, its probably weird but Ive really come to love all the running related gear:)

  5. All of these! Running has helped me get out and explore new places. When I lived in Germany, running helped me find pretty parks and it provided me with a sense of familiarity and normalcy when I was adjusting to life abroad.
    I also love it for the books/blogs/magazines. I prefer non-fiction and running has a whole sub-genre of good reads.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Herbes de Provence Trout with Olive Oil Sauteed Red PotatoesMy Profile

    • I also love reading about running! There is always something new to learn.

    • I try to not get too stuck in doing the same routes over and over…it can be fun to explore your own neighborhood!

  6. #1. Yesterday I was on the hunt for some non-running shoes that were cute, yet comfortable, which was hard in itself and the whole entire time all I could think about was, I wish I was buying running shoes haha. At least runners are super easy to buy for, I think! And running on vacation is the best! The change of scenery can make it seem effortless because there’s so much to explore! And yeah, I’m so glad it doesn’t feel like exercise to me too, but glad it is :). I get really bored with everything else.
    Hailey recently posted…National running day 2015My Profile

    • I hate buying anything other than running shoes! Luckily in the summer I just live in flip flops which aren’t so bad.

    • Me too! It seems like the only time of day I can either zone out or process things.

    • Thats a great reason! I love talking to other runners- I feel like we automatically have so much in common!

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