5 New-To-Me Glute Burners

If you have been around here a bit, you may have noticed that I am really big on the core, hip, and glute exercises. I sometimes have problems with actually feeling  the exercises that I am doing, particularly when it comes to the glutes. I wrote more about my weak glutes here: Confessions of Weak-Glute Runner.

I always like to try different exercises to see what is the most effective. A few weeks ago I started incorporating a few new moves that I thought I would share today!

X- Band Walks

To do the X-band walk you step on a band and pull it up with your arms to form an X. Walk to the right, leading with right foot, followed by the left. Go to the right for about 10-15 steps and then reverse, going to the left. Try to do 2-3 sets.


Crab Walks

This is similar to the X-band walk but I feel it in a slightly different place (although I couldn’t tell you which muscles I feel working:)).

Here are some basic directions, taken from The Sports Physio (click link to see other band exercises as well).

  • Stand sideways on with the band around your ankles
  • Pull your legs apart wide, keep your toes turned out slightly
  • Squat down bending the knees, keeping your back straight and keeping your knees turned out slightly in the same alignment as your toes
  • Side step by bringing one foot in half way keeping the leg alignment and not leaning over with your top half
  • Do 10-15 side steps one way and then return in the other direction
  • Think not a waddle but a glide…

Clams with Band

I had been doing clamshells for years, but adding a band made all the difference. I also feel it more if I keep my back in a straight line and think about using my glutes as much as possible. I do 30 on each side.


Bridges with Band

This is another exercise that I feel so much more using a band. I have been doing 3 sets of  10 hip lifts and 20 pulses of my knees outward.

Chandler Physical Therapy #chandlerphysicaltherapy


Side Lying Leg Lifts with Band

Anything using a band to strengthen my outer hips seems to burn like crazy. I have been doing left lifts laying down on my side, with the band around my ankles. I have also done side steps with the band that I feel in the same place. 30 on each leg seems to do the trick.



Here are two great resources I came across for glute strengthening if you are looking for more info:

Lifting Revolution

Redefining Strength

What is your favorite glute exercise?

Ever tried any of these moves before?

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18 thoughts on “5 New-To-Me Glute Burners

    • Pure Barre sounds like a good workout to supplement running. I find that I am lazy about even putting in a DVD (I just do to the exercises I know) but I really should try changing things up!

    • I also think the baby hills here contribute to my lack of glute strength. While these moves help, I don’t think they really make up for actually teaching your glutes to work while running up hills. But its better than nothing!

    • That is great that you run hills so much- Im sure it helps to keep your glutes working well! I think that is a major problem for me because the hills here are not very big and there are many days that I run around the harbor where its completely flat!

  1. Thanks for sharing these! My hips are really weak and constantly tight – they’re always a mess after a long run. I think a band is going on my running gear shopping list now!
    Hilary recently posted…RebootMy Profile

    • Mine are the same way! I am so glad I invested in a band- well I have actually bought like 5 because a bunch of them broke but at least they’re pretty cheap:)

    • Haha I think that I too have glute issues all around! I actually feel the foam rolling more on the side of my hips and my very low back. My chiro helps to loosen up my piriformis better than I could ever do on my own.

  2. Since bring injured I have put a major emphasis on my glutes when strength training. I love all these that you posted, especially the clams. I did them a ton in PT. You can also reverse them starting with the knees touching and leg up.

    • I actually did reverse ones this morning- those are great too! Unfortunately I think many people don’t know to strengthen their glutes until they get injured. It was the same way for me.

    • Oh I love doing lunges to strengthen my glutes too! Especially with putting my front leg on a step.

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