5 Favorite Summer Activities

There are about a million things I love about the summer. While I may complain about the heat from time to time I really don’t mind it all that much, and I would rather be hot than cold. (Ok, when it comes to running a marathon being hot isn’t good, but that’s a different story.)

Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite summer activities…but really, everything is better outdoors in the warm sunshine. 

1. Grilling outside: For 10 years I lived in apartments and didn’t have access to a grill. It was always such a treat to go to my parents’ house to grill out, but now we finally have a grill of our own! Hopefully we will get to use it alot this summer once we stop going away every weekend.


2. Drinking outside: There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of wine outdoors on a summer evening. The neighbors will soon be learning just how much I enjoy wine:)


3. Running/racing: As I’ve said, I prefer the summer to the winter for running…there is something so satisfying about completing a summer run dripping in sweat. And I like that I’m not freezing before or after running a race. (My times may suffer, but that also means I put (slightly) less pressure on myself for that race.)

summer race

4. Beach days: I grew up 20 minutes from the beach and now I’m hours away. I usually get to the beach once a year for about a week. I’m already picturing myself in a beach chair, feet in the sand, watching the ocean and listening to the waves…


5. Summer foods and drinks: There are certain foods and drinks that I prefer/only like to have when its hot out or in the summer months. For example, certain fruits just scream “summer” (like watermelon). I also tend to enjoy beer more in the summer and generally don’t drink it at all from October-May. I love Coronos and summer beers. Also white wine is my summer preference while I drink red all winter.

beer outside

I’m linking up with Courtney,  Cynthia, and Mar for the Friday Five!


What are some of your favorite summer activities?

How often do you go to the beach?

What is your summer beverage of choice?

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61 thoughts on “5 Favorite Summer Activities

    • I think its just easier when its hot out because you know to just wear the lightest clothes possible!

    • I really only drink beers during the winter for our holiday beer tasting, otherwise I generally stick to red wine. I am generally colder than everyone else so I can handle the heat pretty well!

  1. The beach is the best! I grew up going 2-3 times a summer because my grandmother lived in Delaware and my mom had summers off. I wish we weren’t in a condo, I think I’d grill all year round. Food just tastes better that way. I prefer running in the summer too, it’s much easier to drag myself out of bed for 60-70 degrees than 20-30 degrees.
    Sara recently posted…Weekly Workout Review – 6/2-6/8My Profile

    • Its so much easier to run in the summer! I also love that its light out so early!

  2. I drink a lot of Sauv Blanc this time of year. I have a whole case of my favorite just chilling in my wine fridge right now. It’s a Summer staple for me.
    We go to the beach almost weekly here. (FL gal) And it wouldn’t be summer without fresh fruit – watermelon is my hubby’s favorite.
    Haley recently posted…Product Review – Hydro Flask Water BottleMy Profile

    • Suav blanc is my favorite white wine! I’m so jealous that you can go to the beach so often- but Im sure its pretty hot where you are!

    • I very rarely have Prosecco but that’s a good one! And its nice that you have the option to go home to NJ and enjoy the beach there!!

    • We are still learning to use our grill but I definitely want to start grilling some veggies on there this summer!

  3. I LOVE grilling. I swear cooking and eating food outside tastes so much better than inside! I try to go to the beach once a week but if I could I’d go every day. Nothing more than relaxing on the sand.. pretty sure I could sit there for hours. Beverage of choice is vodka, club soda, lime juice. Super refreshing!
    Jamie recently posted…Friday Favorites – I’m So FunMy Profile

    • Agreed that cooking and eating food outside tastes better! And yes, I could also go to the beach all day, every day.

  4. I think I have totally taken for granted how close I have lived to the beach my entire life. Like, it’s just a part of living anywhere on Long Island, as you know. I didn’t always love baking in the sun but as I got older, I learned to appreciate the beach days so much more :) I agree with summer races – it’s nice not to freeze at the start line!
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    • I definitely took the beach for granted when I lived on LI! I didn’t go nearly enough when I had the opportunity.

    • I think there is just something relaxing about being outside in the relaxing weather with a good drink!

  5. I agree with all of your list but the beach. I am just not really a beach person (mainly bc I am so pale that I burn when I think about the sun). We recently went to the beach with Ashton (it was his first time) before that, I hadn’t been on a beach since we got married over 5 years ago! However, racing, grilling and drinks outside–yes please!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…I’m back with the drink you must make this Summer {Brazilian Limeade}My Profile

    • The beach definitely isn’t for everyone! I don’t burn as easily as I used to as long as I wear a lot of sunscreen:) I find that being on the beach is one of the only times I can truly relax and do nothing.

    • It’s so nice to finally be able to grill on our own! But we are still adjusting and figuring out how to make certain things:) Good luck with the house- that is so exciting!

    • That’s awesome that you have a community grill! And I have been enjoying pale ales lately as well!

  6. I grew up in California, so going to the beach meant going to the ocean. Well, now I live in Seattle and people say they are “going to the beach” when they are going to the lake! I have been here for almost 10 years and it still makes me laugh!

    I agree – there is nothing better than a cold glass of white wine outdoors on a hot summer day! Cheers!
    Marilyn recently posted…FIVE FAVORITE SUMMER ACTIVITESMy Profile

    • That’s so weird because I definitely think of the ocean when I hear “beach”. I guess I would take any body of water but there is nothing like the sand and ocean!

  7. White wine and mimosas are definitely my favorite summer drink! I love to relax outside with a drink in hand :)
    I only live about an hour from the beach but only go a few times throughout the summer (traffic gets pretty crazy some weekends). I’m taking my first day trip on Sunday! I need some vitamin D asap!!
    Charissa recently posted…Orangetheory Fitness ReviewMy Profile

    • An hour is still a decent drive but at least its doable! I could only imagine the weekend beach traffic though. I hope you have a great time this weekend!

  8. I love white wine in summer too! Sav Blanc and pinot grigio are so wonderful and I love a great chardonnay too. Isn’t wine the best?
    Love grilling, family and friends and we do outdoor movie nights for the kiddos and their friends once or twice during summer. It’s become a tradition!
    Beer! Hefeweizen is my fav in summer.
    Have a great weekend!
    Natalie recently posted…Friday Favorites!My Profile

    • You know I love my wine…my favorite white is sauv blanc! And I don’t think I have ever tried Hefeweizen. Enjoy the weekend!

    • Being able to grill is definitely one of my favorite things about having a house! I hope you get to the beach this summer!

  9. I love the beach! And running on the boardwalk :) I agree with you on the summer runs. I love the winter running weather here, but, there really is a greater sense of accomplishment after a warm summer run and cold drinks taste 10x better after! Sometimes I’ll even make an iced tea before and stick it in the fridge, so I can come home and gulp it down after haha.
    Hailey recently posted…National running day 2015My Profile

    • All those things make me so happy and kind of make me want summer to last forever:)

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