2015 Tentative Race Schedule + Inspiration Board

After yesterday’s post it felt kind of awkward to jump into a post about what races I am planning to do this year. I tend to get in an “all or nothing mindset” so when I’m not running I feel like I will never run or race again and then a week later when I am back to running I want to run all the miles and all the races. I think I need to figure out a way to find a happy medium. 

So, during my little running break I came up with a tentative race schedule to keep me motivated and focusing on long-term goals. I figured I wouldn’t plan any races until March to allow myself more flexibility this winter.

2015 race plans

Oh, and it just happens to be the topic for Tuesday’s on the Run this week with AprilPatty, and Erika!

 Tuesdays on the Run

1. March 14: Rock N Roll USA half-marathon

2. April 12: Red Shoe Shuffle 5k

3. April 18: Sole of the City 10k

4. May 9: Maryland half-marathon or 5k

5. May 25: Jeremy’s Run 10k

5. June 6: Baltimore 10 miler

6. July (date not confirmed): Molly Murphy Memorial 5k

7. July (date not confirmed): Pikesville 5k

8. September 5: Charles St 12 miler

9. September 27: NCR 20 miler (if I end up doing the Twin cities marathon on 10/4 I wouldn’t do this)

10. October 4: Twin Cities Marathon** really not sure about this but see notes below

11. October 17: Baltimore half-marathon

12. November 26: Turkey Trot: maybe this 5 miler

My goal for the year is to run 15 races. (Of course that is dependent on how the year goes- I would rather focus on running healthily throughout the year than getting all of those races in, but I do want to race more to get more comfortable pushing myself.)

I only came up with 12 at this point because it’s so early in the year and a lot of races aren’t even set yet. If all goes well I will add on a 5k in December and a few others throughout the year.

post race

 It would also be fun to meet up with other bloggers at a race somewhere (like a New York City meet up which Meredith, Michele and I were talking about on Instagram! Cori also mentioned a Ragnar which I had to look up (it’s October 2-3rd) but that is a lot of planning and work so I don’t know if we would figure it out for this year….plus that is the weekend of Twin Cities Marathon which I thought may potentially be a good goal marathon for this year.

3 reasons why this would be a good goal marathon: 

1) One of my best friends is supposed to move to Minneapolis this year so of course I will need to visit.

2) It’s listed as a top BQ race

3) Suz did this race last year and killed it. She could also tell me everything there is to know about the course.

The other full I would consider is Richmond on November 14th. This would be good if I wanted a later marathon like last year. 

We are only 13 days in to the year so there is still a long way to go, but I think this is a decent plan for now! I guess I need to slowly start registering for some of these races at some point so that I can actually run them!

Now, for a virtual vision board to keep me motivated! 


I’ve been pinning running stuff like crazy (do you follow me on pinterest? ) and I am linking up with Jill and Jessica for the Fit Dish link-up!


Will you be running any of these races?

Is your race schedule set for 2015?

What is your goal race for this year?

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81 thoughts on “2015 Tentative Race Schedule + Inspiration Board

  1. That is a stacked race lineup for this year… I love it! I think it’s great because you have a smattering of different race distances each month so it’s not like you’re going to be racing your body into the ground. If you ever need a west coast marathon, you can come over here! Vancouver and Victoria are both beautiful along the ocean. :)
    Suzy recently posted…The FrayingMy Profile

    • Sounds great! I definitely know better than to do a bunch of long races all the time- I know my body couldn’t handle that!

  2. That’s a ton of races! All I know for sure is the half on the 25th and I’m also planning to sign up for another half in the spring but not sure what yet. Once again I’ll be applying to run the nycm but after 2 years of rejection I don’t have much hope! There will be a fall marathon though!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Why Race?My Profile

    • Ive never tried to get into NYCM but Id love to do it at some point. Looking forward to hearing what other races you decide to do this year!

  3. That’s definitely a packed race calendar! I’m also running 3, 5, 8, & 11 (as seen on my post last week.

    I don’t have any goals this year other than to run healthy and injury free. :)
    Sara recently posted…2015 GoalsMy Profile

    • I feel like its really hard to plan stuff when Im not in racing mode, but I at least wanted to get an idea of when/what I might want to do. Looking forward to hearing more about your race plans for the year!

  4. In my opinion, you need to come home for the li half! I don’t really have my race schedule set at all. I am thinking about a return to both the fitness mag half in april followed three weeks later with the li half. I am hoping those can work for me. After that and if I feel like it, there’s a 10 mile run in Long Beach on Memorial Day. Beyond the spring, I haven’t a clue.
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Using Your Homework Pass For RunningMy Profile

    • I’ll think about the LI half as it gets closer, but I think traveling around that time will be tricky because we will have just moved and theres a lot going on this spring. The Long Beach run sounds fun!

  5. I love planning out my race schedule :) I did Ragnar last year and it was so much fun, you would not regret it!!! But it is a lot of logistics for a lot of people to work out to make it happen. Looks like a great line-up! I’m entering the lottery for NYC, so I’ll be there if I get in – fingers crossed!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Friday favoritesMy Profile

    • Sounds great! I am signed up for DC already (thats the only one Ive signed up for this year) so hopefully I’ll see you there!

  6. Awesome list of races! I love that you have so many on your schedule. I’m not sure if I have a goal race for the year yet. I have three half marathons planned for the spring so I’d like to reach 2:00 at one of them! I can totally see you getting a BQ at the end of the year :)
    I really like your visual board! I have one in my room with the same picture of the Boston starting line.
    Sam @ The Running Graduate recently posted…Training Log 1/5 – 1/11/15My Profile

    • I know you will be able to run under 2 hours this year! And its great that you have several chances to do it!

  7. Ohhh I love that you put together an inspiration graphic board like that. I need to do that with my favorites. I have a running board on Pinterest (just followed you), but my favorites are scattered throughout.

    That race schedule looks really nice! It’s so cool that you have races all throughout the year that you can participate in, even during the summer!
    Kristina recently posted…Officially Back to Training!My Profile

    • Yea, we’ll see about the summer ones! I always regret signing up for them when I realize its going to be 90 degrees! But at least they are usually shorter races.

    • You definitely should! Maybe the Charles St 12? I loved running it last year and this year they moved it to September, so hopefully we will have even better weather!

  8. Wow, that is a lot of races, good luck! Now that I am focusing on ultra-distance races, the amount of races on my schedule is way cut back – I have a 50 miler, a half, and a full marathon planned for 2015 so far and that’s it. I think I’ll throw in a couple more halfs but I don’t know when yet…this past fall I was registered for two that I wasn’t able to run come race day and was just out the money, and I can’t afford to keep doing that, so my plan is to pick things only a couple of weeks out as opposed to months out so that I minimize the risk of this happening.
    Brenda @ Don’t Lose the Trail recently posted…A big announcement!My Profile

    • Thats a really smart plan! I may do the same thing for some of my races this year rather than feeling like I have to do something just because I signed up for it. Im sure the 50 miler takes a lot out of you!

    • Thanks! I have no clue if I will actually end up doing them all, but its nice to at least have a plan for now!

    • Thanks! I know that once the spring comes around Ill have the itch to start racing again, so I like to have at least an idea of what I want to do over the long term!

    • I always get stressed when Im injured and I don’t know when I can race again. Just stay positive and hopefully you will be back to running in time to run them, as well as others!

    • Im so glad that you found a love for running this year! I hope that 2015 brings lots of great running accomplishments for you!

  9. Looks like a great race schedule! I hear wonderful things about Twin Cities, and it’s on my list for a possible marathon this year if NYC or MCM don’t work out. Right now I’m training for a late March half (Run the Bluegrass), but I haven’t ironed out the rest of my race calendar yet. Off to find you on Pinterest!
    Jess recently posted…Choices, ChoicesMy Profile

    • Looks like we still have a few weeks before Twin Cities registration even opens, so plenty of time to figure it out! Your race plan sounds good so far too!

  10. 15 races seems like a lot to me!

    I’ve heard great things about Twin Cities. I lived in St. Paul for a little while and they are a great place to live and visit as well.

    My goal race comes relatively early in the year – LA Marathon, March 15th. After that my goal is just to keep up solid base mileage and work on flexibility and speedwork until it’s time to start training for LA 2016.
    Lizzy recently posted…Training Tuesday –My Profile

    • It seems like a lot to me too! Not sure if Ill get to that but it seemed like a good goal. Your goal sounds great- good luck this year!

  11. Looks like you have a fun year planned! My schedule depends on the competitions my athletes are in and we don’t know all the times for them until the host(s) post them, so it’s a little bit tricky to plan ahead sometimes. I don’t want to run a race when I’ve been doing a lot of standing/running/walking the day before. It definitely bugs me with my personality not knowing though haha.
    Hailey recently posted…4 Q’sMy Profile

    • That is pretty tricky! I like to know what races I am doing ahead of time but sometimes i don’t like to commit until I know for sure that Ill be in a good place to run it. The other downside to waiting to sign up is the higher races fees!

  12. That’s a great race schedule! It’s good that you’re giving yourself a break now and not adding anything before your half, but of course it’s always fun to plan ahead for the rest of the year. We can’t help it, can we? Also, I think Twin Cities is a great pick if you decide to do it :)

    I’ve got my spring schedule pretty set, but only my fall marathon picked out (Steamtown). I am considering doing a race near Baltimore in November though. Anything between 10 miles and half maybe – any suggestions?
    Charissa recently posted…Training Update (1/5 – 1/11)My Profile

    • Hm I don’t really know of any November Baltimore races. There is the NCR trail marathon which is also a relay? I’ll let you know if I think of anything else!

  13. I’ve been wanting to do a Ragnar relay (especially a trail one!) ever since I learned about them at my very first expo! (If anyone ever needs a teammate… Let me know!) Looking at a fall marathon too, just haven’t narrowed down which one yet.
    Hilary @ Embrace the Neon recently posted…No Excuses!My Profile

    • I will definitely let you know! And Im looking forward to hearing what marathon you choose this year!

  14. I’ve heard great things about the Twin Cities Marathon! It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful urban marathons, and lots of my friends rave about Minneapolis as a city.
    No races on the calendar yet for me unfortunately. My husband and I applied to jobs in Portland, Seattle, and Saint Louis, so where we end up moving will affect my race calendar! If it’s Seattle or Portland I have so many races scoped out to run there, like the Vancouver (WA) marathon and some half marathons in Seattle.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Chicken Tortilla SoupMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing what you have heard about the Twin Cities marathon! That makes me want to run it even more!
      Good luck with figuring out what races you will do this year once you get settled!

    • I didn’t know that they had a 5k at RNR DC either!
      I think we would need to recruit someone for Ragnar who has done it before:)

  15. Great race schedule! I can’t imagine having to train in the ice/snow or on the treadmill for weeks/months! I think you made a good choice to take a voluntary break before your body forces a rest through an injury! Thanks for linking up with us today! And here’s hoping you thaw out early this year!

    • I hope so too! Last winter was so bad for so long that I’m not very optimistic:) Im just grateful that I am only training for a half rather than a full so I don’t feel as bad cutting back my mileage!

    • That’s so awesome! I will have to let you know if I decide to do it as well. Enjoy the experience of training for and running your first full!!

  16. That is an awesome list!!! I am really angry at winter so it’s awesome that your first race isn’t until March! I hear ya on the happy medium-sometimes it’s really hard to find! I always think I can do All The Races but it turns out that I don’t even have TIME for all of them never mind actually doing them!

    Someday we will meet up for a race!:)
    Nicole@Thegirlwhoraneverywhere recently posted…Not letting the “long run” take over my lifeMy Profile

    • Yes we will definitely have to meet for a race one of these days! Honestly who knows if I will even do half of the races on my list, but it makes me feel better to pick them out! I’ll just have to take my time registering as the year goes on.

    • I sure am! I will be registering for them slowly to see how I am feeling throughout the year because I have never raced this much! (I usually do about 10-12 races per year)

    • I definitely enjoyed making a race calendar too! Even though I am not signed up for these races it feels good to have a plan in place. Looking forward to hearing about your race plans!

    • Thanks! Not sure if they will all happen, but its nice to have a plan for the year to keep me motivated!
      You should definitely look into a rock n roll half, they are so much fun!

  17. I like it – lots of variety! I have my schedule organized as far as my marathon in May and after that – who knows? I ran Twin Cities as my first full last year and it was a great experience (although I don’t have another race to compare it to). The course is pretty flat (except for 2 miles at mile 22 and I didn’t think it was a big deal), really well organized and great crowd support – I would definitely recommend it!
    Sarah recently posted…Friday randomnessMy Profile

    • That’s really good to know- thanks! The elevation map on the website was really hard to read but it didnt look too bad. The more I hear about it the more I think I want to do it!

  18. Okay -plan to actually meet and say hi in person may happen this year! I’m running sole of the city and charles st 12 again. I am thinkingggg about doing RNR half, but am not sure. I’m a rock n blogger and a bunch of people are it just wasn’t my favorite from last year and I’m running a half at the end of March. The marathon dilemma is hard for me too. I’m so close to a BQ I want to run one before the fall but don’t know if I really feel like training for one. Especially with more cold and ice to come in the winter!
    Lauren recently posted…Bangin’ Good Shrimp {from The Skinnytaste Cookbook}My Profile

    • Part of me really wanted to do a spring marathon but right now I am really glad to not have to worry about that! i hate that if we don’t do a spring one that we have to wait until the fall- that seems so far away!I am so excited to do sole of the city again. I haven’t done a 10k since I ran it in 2013. Let me know if you end up doing the RNR half. It sounds like there will be alot of other bloggers there! I also know someone who is selling a bib for the full if you are interested in that:)

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