While there wasn't a whole lot of working out that went on last week, I feel like a lot of stuff happened in the 7 days since I finished the Route 66 Marathon. (Click link for recap). Let's back up to after the race... Rob and I finally met up back in the hotel room and it was already after 2pm. We showered, packed up our stuff, and grabbed food in the lobby. 


I inhaled my lunch and then it was time to hop in our rental car and make the 2 hour drive to Arkansas where we were visiting Rob's sister, her husband, and their baby. 

finleyMonday and Tuesday were both complete rest days while we were there. However, on Tuesday tt felt like we spent the whole day traveling (left their house at 9am central time and got home around 8pm eastern time). At least I got this big cup of red wine on our flight. 


On Wednesday we both went to work, which was very strange considering it was my only workday of the week. I had to go to the grocery store on my way home because we had nothing for dinner, and let me just say that it wasn't a fun experience:) When I got home I did about 25 minutes of easy yoga to stretch out a bit.


Thursday was Thanksgiving, and I couldn't resist an easy run. I ended up doing 5 miles and felt better than expected. 


We went to my parent's for Thanksgiving and I think the crazy week was catching up with us because we were exhausted!

I was off from work on Friday, and started the day with about 45 minutes of yoga that included some core work. I actually felt it in my arms quite a bit because I haven't really done much yoga in months, other than an occasional 20 minute recovery session. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, which really should count as another workout. 


I ran again on Saturday morning, once again without a real plan, but ended up doing 7 miles. This route was kind of hilly and I don't think I was ready for hills yet. However, there isn't much I can do to avoid them around here! 

holiday decorations

We spent the rest of the day decorating for Christmas!


Sunday was another rest day. There wasn't much rest involved though, because we went out to do errands and to look for bedroom furniture. In the afternoon I baked cookies and caught up on blogging. I have also tried to start my holiday shopping (online of course) but haven't gotten very far! At least there are still a few more weeks to go. 

3 rest days, 2 yoga sessions, and 2 runs this week. This was actually more than I planned to do, but it felt right. I definitely want to focus more on core and strength work this week, and will probably only run a 2-3 days. 

Have you started any holiday shopping yet? In stores or online?

Do your arms get sore from yoga?

What does your week usually look like after a big race?


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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Rob and I got back from visiting his sister's family in Arkansas on Tuesday night, so we spent Thanksgiving here in Maryland with my family. It was nice to not deal with all the traveling during the holiday like we usually do!

route 66 marathon race recap

Since Sunday's race I have sat down to write my recap a few times, got some words out, left it alone, and then came back to it later. I thought I would start out by sharing some "race logistics" and thoughts on the Route 66 Marathon event. 

-the expo was not too big, but had alot of good stuff. We got there right at 10 am on Saturday and had to wait in like for about 10 minutes to get our packets, because I think everyone else had the same idea.


-we stayed at the Hilton Double Tree, which was about .5 miles from the start line but 1.5 miles from the finish. There wasn't alot around the hotel, but we had a rental car so we were able to drive everywhere we needed to go (like out to dinner and to target to get water and stuff like that). 

pre race star

-It was a really cold start (27 degrees but felt like 21) but ended up being a really good temperature for running. It was in the high 30s for most of the race and sunny. The wind didn't pick up until the second half of the race, but that was my only complaint about the weather.


-the start line was well-organized with 4 corrals. The lines for the bathrooms were kind of long but moved quickly once it got closer to the start of the race. The race started right on time.

start line

-There were water stops every few miles. I had mentally noted when I wanted to take fuel (and matched that up with water stops) and they were spread out really well. 

-The crowd support was really great. Even when the marathon split off from the half-marathon there weren't too many places without cheering. 


-The hills were harder than I expected. I had read other race reviews and heard from other bloggers that it was hilly, but I did my best to train on hills. I still think I expected it to be flatter than it was, and my garmin map did make it look tougher than the map on the race website. 

elevation map

-The finish area was well organized and fun! After finishing there was a section to walk around, get your picture taken, grab water, etc before getting food. This area was only for runners. After getting food (bananas, oranges, granola bars, and pasta- which was something I had never seen at a race before!) we exited the "runners only" area. Then there were a few places to get beers, a massage tent, and a live band. 

post race area

Now, for more of a recap of my own experience in this race. 

Last week, I was feeling pretty calm about the race without as much of the usual nerves I get leading up to a race. Over the course of Friday and Saturday I started to get a bit more anxious, but I think an appropriate amount. After all, a moderate level of anxiety is needed to perform our best. 

Meanwhile, I had been spending alot of this time focusing on the mental strategies I would be used for this race. I had just finished reading The Runners Brain on my flight in, which was perfect timing leading up to the race. There were alot of helpful and practical strategies in there that I was able to work on. I did pretty well with focusing only on the things I could control- like fueling, clothes, and staying positive. 

compression socks

A little side-story: I have been eating oatmeal before all my long runs this training cycle. When I looked at the hotel website I thought that the room we booked had a microwave. Well, it didn’t, so the regular oats I had packed (measured out, along with a measuring cup to add water) weren’t gonna work. We ended up going to a grocery store on Saturday night to buy a 6 pack of instant oats (but I paid like $2 extra to get the organic kind that were literally just oats and nothing else).

Anyway, here are some more thoughts about how the race went for me:

-My goal was to run between an 8:20 and 8:25 pace for a 3:40 finish time. I ended up running a 3:41:46, at about an 8:27 pace. However, I did pretty well running off of effort and if it weren't for those extra .3 miles I ran (due to all the turns) my pace would have been 8:22 according to my Garmin. 


-I got alot of good advice leading up to the race that I carried with me throughout (from my coach, the book I had read, and all of you!) and when things started to get tough I was able to pull some of that to focus on. 


-I never "hit the wall" and I think I owe that to fueling early and often. I didn't carry water with me for this race, so relied on the water stops. As I said, there were plenty, and they also gave out nice big cups!

-The most challenging part of this race for me was the wind in the second half. There were certain miles where it just felt like I was running non-stop into the wind. I remember at mile 22 I had really wanted to start picking up the pace, but it was all I could do to run an 8:45 mile due to the wind. 


-For the last 2 miles I was able to push the pace to under 8 minute miles, although the wind still got the best of me at some points. I knew I had trained for a fast finish so I gave it everything I had. However, right around mile 25.5 there was this last hill that came out of nowhere and was very frustrating. finish

-The last .2 mile was a straightaway with crowd support all along the sides. Bart Yasso was standing in between the half-marathon/marathon sides cheering us on (at least I think it was him- I was pretty delirious at this point) but I ran past and he cheered me on and tapped me on the shoulder. 


-When I finished I remember my legs shaking and not knowing what to do. I walked as much as I could grabbed some water and a gatorade, and got my picture taken. I found a corner to stand in (I was scared to sit because I really didn't think I could ever get up). I made my way through the food and grabbed some snacks but was happy that I had checked a bag with a protein bar to eat when I was ready. 

after race

-I was also glad I packed some dry clothes to throw on because it was cold! I got a text around this time from Kristy (my coach) and then my sister. I was trying to track Rob but the app wasn’t working. Long story short- we didn't find each other and he eventually called me that he was back at the hotel (he didn't run with his phone). 

Well, that was longer than I anticipated! Thanks for sticking around if you actually read all of that:)  This was the perfect race to finish out the year...although I guess there is a small chance I do a short/fun race in December but it's not very likely. I am excited to get back to other workouts like yoga and more strength training over the next few weeks. I haven't even begun to think about my next big race, and I know I need a  good break from training!

-What is your ideal racing temperature?

-Have you dealt with wind during a race?

-Do you have any more races planned in 2015?



I'm writing most of this post on Saturday, the day before my race, because I am sitting around with nothing else to do. After the race I'm planning to add in the results before this publishes. I feel like this week of training was kind of boring, and the actual race is the "important" part of this week, but I do think my runs this week were worth talking about. They were simple- 3 really easy 4 milers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with no strength training at all. I think that there were a few factors involved but I felt so tired on those few runs I did this week. Which made it easier to go super slow, so I guess that's a good thing!

weekly workout recap

Monday: 4 miles easy

After feeling really great on Saturday's run, I expected it was going to be difficult to keep this run nice and slow. However, I easily settled into a pace slower than 10 minute miles and actually didn't have the desire to go any faster than that. 


Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 4 miles easy

The night before we had gone to my parents after work for dinner, and got home after 9. So naturally I was tired for this run (usually I am asleep by 9) and I think all the extra time in the car left me feeling extra stiff. My mindset was not great after this run, but I kept telling myself that this was normal for race week plus I had a few more days to rest up. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4 miles easy

This was done before flying out to Tulsa. I felt 95% better than I did on Wednesday, but still kept it slow and easy. It was definitely a boost of confidence as I got closer to the race. 

Saturday: Rest

Went to the expo....


And hung out in compression socks for most of the day...

compression socks

Sunday: Race day! 

26.2 miles in 3:41:46... Race recap to come later this week, but this was a 5 minute PR!

Total: 38.2 miles

Do you ever feel tired on your runs the week leading up to a race?

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I really can't believe that I am two days away from marathon #6! Four years ago this weekend was when I toed the line for my first marathon ever, the Philadelphia Marathon. Sadly, I did not blog back then so there was no documentation of my personal experience, however, my friend Alli was blogging at the time and she came with me to the race and posted about it here!

first marathonAnyway, clearly I am distracting myself from the matter at hand which is the Route 66 Marathon on Sunday. Up until yesterday I hadn't been thinking too much about it- I don't know if that was by choice or not, but I think it was a good thing because there was less time to feel nervous about it. I think at this point I have learned that there are so many things we can't control about races so it's not worth thinking too much about it. 

but of course I've had to stalk the weather, at least a little...

I also think part of the reason I have been a bit more laid back is that I have had a coach to tell me exactly what to do. So instead of going back and forth in my head a million times about what to do this week, she just tells me and I listen. I started debating about what shoes to wear, and after a few minutes I just E-mailed her and she told me her recommendation. Clearly that decision should not be a source of stress but it could have gone in that direction if I let it!

These examples seem to have been the theme of my training cycle- try to keep the over-thinking to a minimum and stay focused on the basics. In a way, I never felt the same level of pressure about this training cycle/race that I did for others. When I signed up for this marathon in late July, I was feeling ready to work towards a goal and increase my mileage, but I didn't really care so much about running a marathon. I have no idea if that even makes sense, but I really just wanted to train for a marathon. When Rob signed up for Route 66 and worked it into our travel plans for visiting family next week, it made sense for me to sign up as well. But again, I wasn't feeling focused on the race. 


I started training the first week in August. I immediately had to move my days around due to a thunderstorm in week 1, and worried that it would be a rough training cycle without having access to a treadmill. Then week 2 came along, and I was really sick. At the time I was worried it would interfere with my training, but now it feels like it was SO long ago. The effects of that cold lasted for a few more weeks, making the two races I ran around that time a little more difficult. Well, the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k would have probably been really tough either way, and I ended up doing well in the Charles St 12 although I still had a cough. 

chuck 12

Then the training and the mileage picked up, and it wasn't easy getting those runs in before work every day. I took a huge step back from blogging in order to allow myself the time to train and recover and get as much sleep as I could during this time. There were some great runs and some really tough runs during this time- but it all made sense for where I was in my training cycle. 


For the last 3 weeks I have tapered, and enjoyed a little more time to sleep in and do other things, but this is always a tough time for me. I want to get back on my regular workout schedule and I know that even after the marathon it will be a few weeks before I can do that. However, with Thanksgiving next week (how did that happen?) I'm sure the time will fly by. 

wine compression
there will probably be quite a bit of this...

Personally, I think one of the best parts about this training cycle was being able to remove the pressure and stress from myself. This was largely in part to having a coach, and perhaps partly because I was never overly focused on a time goal for the  race. We decided before I even started training that a BQ was too big of a jump at this time (#1 goal was to avoid getting injured) so I think that alone removed the pressure I would have otherwise felt. I know I certainly trained to reach my goal time, but I already achieved so many of my other goals. 

camden yards

The next two days will actually be the time when I do need to start focusing on the race and thinking about what I want to achieve. While it was helpful to not worry about it for the past 16 weeks, I need to be able to focus on race day and not allow myself to give up (like I tend to do). Even though I have already reached my goals in other ways, I still want this race to be a success. 

Thank you all for following along over the last 16 weeks! I couldn't imagine training for a race without blogging about it:) See you on the other side of 26.2...

How do you get mentally focused for a race?

Do you find that you typically do better in a  race when you don't put as much pressure on yourself?


I feel like I can't really start this post without saying something about the attacks in Paris. However, it's also super awkward to talk about how horrible it was and then just jump into talking about my training. But when I thought about it, I realized we can't let these things stop us from going on with our lives. I feel like I have been glued to the TV all weekend so it's probably good to get my mind off of it all.

pray for paris

Also, you may have noticed a little face lift on the blog. I'm not sure how it happened but I had some time on Sunday and all of a sudden found myself trying new themes and then playing around with CSS coding...I have no idea what I am doing with that stuff so if you notice anything crazy please let me know! I'll blame the taper I guess:)

Anyway I can't believe it's already race week! Oddly enough, I haven't been thinking a whole lot about the race, in the way I usually do (aka stressing out about it). So I think that's a good thing. I am hoping to get some thoughts together about this training cycle later this week.  But for now, let's recap last week's training. 

weekly workout recap

Monday: 4 miles easy, core and hip exercises

Tuesday: 4 miles easy


Wednesday: strength training, core and hip exercises

Thursday: 10 miles with 8 at GMP (ended up being a bit faster- the taper has made such a difference in how I feel!)


Friday: 3 miles, core and hip exercises


Saturday: 10 miles


Sunday: Rest

Total: 31 miles

On Saturday it was so nice to head out for "only" 10 miles. Marathon training has definitely skewed my perception of mileage! It was a bit windy, but otherwise a great day for running. I really had to work to keep this run on the slower side, because my legs wanted to move faster. My coach has reminded to keep my runs EASY this week! 

Do you get the urge to run faster than you should during the taper?

Do you currently think of 10 miles has a "longer" long run or a "shorter" long run? I remember a few months ago 10 miles was the longest I had run all year...now it's often the distance of a mid-week tempo run!


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Well last week was an interesting one, and I sure was glad it fell during the taper. Traveling for work can really throw a wrench in marathon training, and for those of you who do it all the time, I'm not sure how you manage it. Between working long hours, not sleeping enough, and not eating well, my running was a struggle. I only had 2 short runs on my schedule when I was there, but that meant doing my long run when I got back on Sunday, at which point I was completely exhausted. I'll take you through the week in running along with a few notes about my trip to New Orleans:)

weekly workout recap

Monday: 5 miles easy, core and hip exercises


Tuesday: AM: 9 miles with 2 mile warm up, 3 x (1 mile @ 8:30, 1 mile @ 8:10), 1 mile cool down


                  PM: Strength training

Wednesday: Rest day- traveled to New Orleans. I had an 8 am flight so there really wouldn't be time to squeeze in a  workout. Instead I got in my strength training on Tuesday evening. We got into New Orleans pretty early and had the day to walk around and sightsee.

new orleans
view from our hotel room

site seeing

Thursday: Rest day- Worked 11 hours at the conference. I always enjoy attending these conferences (and I am so grateful that I get to attend- our organization holds an annual conference on advancing school mental health each year) but between working registration, moderating sessions throughout the day, and presenting at a session, I was totally beat by the time it was over. However, we were in New Orleans and wanted to take advantage so went out for dinner and drinks that evening. 

Friday: 5 mile easy, and an attempt at some core work in the hotel room.

It was so hot and humid there!

Friday was another busy day at the conference, but I didn't have to be there until 8:15 so I had time to run in the morning. After the sessions were over we had a registration/poster session that went until 7pm. All my coworkers were supposed to meet for drinks at a bar at 8:30, so the night was off to a late start. 

I had to have a hurricane while I was there!

I was out way past my bedtime, but we all had fun celebrating another successful conference. 

Saturday: 4 miles easy


After a late night out on Friday night, this run was a struggle. I knew I would feel better if I got it done (which I did) but I was still so, so tired. We had a few hours of sessions on Saturday morning, but had some time to get food before our flight back. I finally made it to Cafe Du Monde for a beignet!

cafe du monde
this was taken when we walked past it on Friday night- it's open 24 hours!

I got back home around 9pm on Friday night, and ended up texting my coach because I felt like there was no way I could do the prescribed run the next morning. She made some changes and told me to do the best I could. 

Sunday: 16 miles with 11 at MGP


This ended up going even better than planned (I was able to do the original workout), so I was really happy about that. It probably helped that there was perfect weather Sunday morning, especially after running in New Orleans where it was 70 degrees and humid. 

Total: 39 miles

Now my focus is really going to be back on taking care of myself. I feel like between the changes in temperature, lack of sleep, not eating well, and sharing a hotel room with my coworker who had a cold, I am just asking to get sick. Hopefully getting back to my normal routine will prevent that from happening.

How do you stay healthy when you are at high-risk for getting a cold?

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

How do you manage traveling during training?weeklywrap

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Well at this point it's been almost 3 weeks since I ran in the Baltimore Half-Marathon. This was my 4th time doing the half, and I also ran the full in 2013. This event will always be special to me because in 2007 the Baltimore Half was my first race ever. It's also the biggest race in Baltimore where I have lived for about 14 years now. That being said, it's not an easy course! There are some tough hills, but the crowd support is amazing, especially at the finish line. The last 3 miles are mostly all downhill and during the last 1/2 mile the course takes you through Camden Yards where the sides are PACKED with spectators. I've written about the Baltimore Running Festival several times, so check out these posts if you are interested in reading more:

Baltimore Marathon 2013
Baltimore Running Festival 2014
First Race Memories: Baltimore Half 2007

race recap

This year I signed up for the half-marathon as a training run, which I wanted to "race" conservatively. There is also a full marathon, 5k, and a relay, all starting at different times. The full marathon started at 8 am and then the half-marathoners joined in around mile 15. The half started at 9:45, and gets to see the marathoners run by next to us as we are lined up waiting to start. 

start line

9:45 is a late start time for me, so I didn't really know what to do with myself all morning. Rob was running both the 5k and the half, and the 5k started at 8:20. He went down to the city early and dropped stuff off at his office so he could change in between races. I headed down around 7:30 and got to the bag check area in time to see him finish the 5k- he broke 20 minutes for the first time which has been a goal of his for quite some time!

rob 5k

Around 9:15 I made my way over to the start line. It felt really cold out until I started warming up. It was perfect weather for racing- just below 50 degrees and slightly overcast. 

baltimore running festival

As usual I got a bit boxed in during the first mile (which seems to happen no matter where I start). I was able to settle into my pace right around 8 min/miles and felt pretty good. I didn't want to go out too fast, and kept in mind the important lessons Tina shared with us a few days before this race in her post about pacing the first half of a race. I hadn't tapered at all, so my legs were a bit heavy and I did hold back a bit knowing that there was some rough hills to come. 

I saw Rob at mile 3 and we ran together for a few minutes before I went ahead of him. I knew he was beat from already racing a 5k. At mile 4 a spectator was yelling "you're almost done! Just 7 miles to go!" Um, no we were not almost done, and we had 9 miles to go, not 7. 

Mile 1: 8:08

Mile 2: 8:13

Mile 3: 7:38

Mile 4: 7:56

I was still holding around a 8 min pace or slightly under, but wasn't sure because my watch was way off the mile markers. At mile 9 I didn't think I was on track to PR, and figured I would just keep running at my current pace and see what happened. 

I had no idea Rob was right behind me!

Mile 5: 7:40

Mile 6: 8:04

Mile 7: 7:39

Mile 8: 7:57

Mile 9: 7:57

Around this time I went to get a gel from my FlipBelt. I was having a hard time finding the hole to pull it out though, and I heard someone behind me telling my where it was. I realized it was Rob, and he said he had been slightly behind me for a while. We ran together for a minute, and then he said he wasn't able to pick it up at the end because his legs were dead, but that I should go ahead. I started to tell him how I wasn't on track to PR, and my legs were tired, and I didn't taper...basically lots of excuses. 


He gave me a quick lecture about how he doesn't want me to complain about missing a PR by 1-2 seconds again, and that I knew the course was easier from here on out, and I could easily throw down a few 7:30s if I had to. I started to try to give him some more excuses, but he just said "no talking". Tough love, I guess. 

But he was right. I did have something left in the tank, and there was no reason why I couldn't go for it. After the 10 mile mark I started picking it up. I was also able to do some math and mile 11 and realized I was pretty much guaranteed a PR at that point. I kept pushing hard, and surprised myself each time my watch buzzed. 

camden yards

Mile 10: 7:58

Mile 11: 7:23

Mile 12: 7:27

Mile 13: 6:58

Last .1: (5:57 pace)

The energy from the crowds during the last mile was all I needed to give it that final push. When I crossed the finish line, my watch read 1:42:00 and I wondered if I had actually run a 1:41 something- it turned out I had, and my official time was 1:41:58, a PR of 1 minute and 18 seconds. 

finish line

Rob finished about 2 minutes after me and I got to tell him about my big finish. I definitely psych myself out when racing, and give up on myself easily. I somehow need to find my own internal voice that can convince myself to push hard when no one else is around to say it to me. 

bmore pride

After the race it got cold really quickly. We got some food and beers and I had checked a bag so was able to put on a sweatshirt. I was still shivering even with that on. I met up with my sister and her friend who were watching their friend run her first half, so I hung out with them while Rob went to his office to get his stuff. We stayed for maybe 30 minutes before heading home. 

lisa and katie

Part of me thinks I need to "race" more- not just do more races, but actually work towards specific race goals so I get better at the mental aspect of it all. If nothing else, I think I will be able to look back on this experience during future races and remind myself that I am often capable of more than I think, and it's worth trying to reach your goals even if it means risking failure. 

Once again, I had an amazing experience at the Baltimore Running Festival. It's a challenging but manageable course, and a fun event with amazing crowd support!


Do you give up on yourself in races or on tough training runs?

Have you ever thought you couldn't PR but did anyway?


October was quite a month! I knew it would be a tough one as it involved my peak weeks of marathon training, along with a bunch of other things going on. I can't believe that we are well into fall now and the temperatures are really starting to cool off- and before we know it the holidays will be here! But I am getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about October. 


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2015 goals

-over the past several months I have basically said that I wasn't focusing on my time goals for races this year. However, this month I ran a half-marathon and managed a PR of 1:41:58. This is still a ways off from my initial goal of sub-1:40 but it definitely gave me the confidence to know I could do it with proper training and a taper. 


-I have continued to focus on strength training this month which was a pretty big accomplishment considering how much running I was doing.

-I definitely slacked on reading books! This was the first month of the year that I didn't read at all- I just didn't have the time! 

October 2015 Stats and Highlights

Total miles: 216...I can't even believe I just typed that! I have only hit 200 miles once or twice ever, in the midst of my Hanson's marathon training for my spring 2014 race. 

Best run: The Baltimore Half-Marathon- the recap will be up one of these days:)

baltimore running festival

Favorite Non-Running Activity: For my birthday I got a TRX! I have been loving using it for strength and core work, although I feel like I haven't been able to try it out too much due to my training. Once the marathon is over I hope to use it even more!


Most popular blog posts:

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  3. Fall Running Tips 

Biggest accomplishment: Hitting such a high mileage this month! Also, just getting in all my training runs even when life got busy. I was setting my alarm for 4:30am way too often.

Set-backs and struggles: I don't think there was anything outside the normal struggles of marathon training. Some of my long runs have been tough, but that is to be expected especially in the peak weeks of training. 


Things I’m looking forward to in November: I guess I'm excited for that little marathon thing I am running in 3 weeks:) We will also be visiting Rob's sister, her husband, and our niece for a few days after the race. Then we get back and its Thanksgiving!

What were some October highlights for you?

What are you looking forward to in November?


I made it to the taper!! That feels good to say. This was a tough week, but I survived...and while it's "all downhill from here" there are still some workouts and long runs to get through. However, I think by this point I have put in most of the work so from here on out it's all about being smart and not overdoing it. 

weekly workout recap

Monday: 7 miles easy, core and hip exercises


Tuesday: 10 miles: 2 mile warm up, 2 x 3 miles at 8:10 pace with 1 miles recovery between, 1 mile cool down.


On this particular day there was a cop outside my development who wouldn't let me turn down the main road. I went across the street to the other side of the development which has a hilly .8 mile loop and completed this run there. I wonder what my neighbors though of my outfit!

Wednesday: Strength training/core and hip exercises

Thursday: 7 mile easy, core and hip exercises

Friday: 10 miles with middle 8 at MGP


Saturday: 18 miles on a hilly route.


I ended up running with Rob again for my long run even though we were at home. Not sure what led us to do his but I think it was partly because his MP3 player died and I knew I would need someone to push me through this run after already having a tough week of training. I was pretty miserable most of the time- frustrated with the hills and my slower pace, and feeling like my legs didn't want to move. I was definitely glad when it was over!


Sunday: Rest/recovery- some yoga poses for the hips/hamstrings/back, foam rolling, and took an epsom salt bath

Total: 52 miles

It's a good thing it's taper time because this week is gonna be crazy. I leave for my conference in New Orleans on Wednesday morning and don't get back until Saturday evening, and I will be working long hours the whole time I am there. Hopefully I can still stay on track with my training (I definitely want to get in at least 1 run while I am there!) but I'm just not sure how it will all play out. That also means I won't be very active in the blogging world once again- although I am hoping to have another post or two scheduled for later this week. One of these days life will quiet down and I will be able to catch up on everything!

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!

How were your workouts last week?

Who raced this weekend? How did it go?

Do you think your neighbors judge you because of your running clothes? Ever have to lap the same area over and over?


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Last weekend Rob and I took a trip to DC to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary a few weeks early. You would think that by living in Baltimore it would be pretty simple to get to DC which is only like 50 miles away or something, but the two cities' ridiculous amounts of traffic make it rather difficult. I'll skip all the travel details, but we ended up meeting at the metro stop near our hotel on Friday around 7:15. We stayed at the Key Bridge Marriott, which happened to be right near the MCM marathon start line! So we got to see lots of runners and even part of the race (more on that later).


We checked in to our hotel and immediately headed out for dinner. We chose Piola which was a casual Italian restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. We each started with a drink (sauvignon blanc for me, heineken for Rob) and ordered brushetta. We also shared a house salad, which didn't get documented. I ordered a pizza with arugula and grilled chicken- which was a change from my usual pre-long run fuel but I figured I wanted to try something different!

We had a little issue at our hotel with a leaking bathroom sink that involved the maintenance guys in our room until after 10pm...but we were asleep immediately after that!

pre run

On Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for our long runs. I ate a banana and two honey stinger waffles, and drank coffee. 


We headed out to a trail and ran an out and back for 20 miles total. We were definitely glad when that was over!

post 20 miles

When we got back to the hotel it was around 10:30am so I drank a chocolate milk and ate a cliff bar to begin refueling before heading out to lunch.

thunder burger

We went to Georgetown (just on the other side of the bridge) and went to Thunder Burger thanks to Cori's recommendation. It was the perfect post-long run meal!


Beers, sweet pita bread that was complimentary, and burgers with fries. My beer was the Rogue hazelnut brown nectar, which our waitress recommended (it wasn't on the menu).

After lunch we walked around Georgetown and eventually ended up in the GW area. We stopped at a bar for another beer, and then went to the metro to head out to my friends' house to visit with them for a bit. 

baby falcon

They just had a baby in September, so we were excited to meet him for the first time!

lisa rob before dinner

We headed back to our hotel room for a quick change before going to dinner. 

blt dinner

Our reservation was at BLT steakhouse. It was a great meal, and there was great service. The restaurant was a little dark which made it difficult to take pictures! I didn't even get a picture of my steak, but it was really good. They knew we were celebrating our anniversary so brought up champagne and petit fours at the end!

mcm mile 1.5

We slept later than planned on Sunday, and when we woke up it was raining. We had planned to go out and watch some of the race, but didn't make it out there in time. However, we did get to see some of it from our hotel window!


Before making the trek back to Baltimore we fueled up with breakfast (and coffee) at the hotel.

It was really nice to get away for the weekend. We both agreed that we could have easily accepted a weekend at home to relax and catch up on things, but sometimes you just need to force yourself to get away so you can relax a bit. Not that running 20 miles is "relaxing" but you know what I mean:)

When was the last time you went away for the weekend?

Do you feel weird being around a big race when you are not actually running?

Do you always eat the same things before a long run?


Thanks for Meaghan for hosting this week!

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