My Facebook account got hacked!

There's a reason why I have not made any new posts in quite a while. A few months ago, my Facebook account got hacked which resulted in me having to spend all my time recovering the account and telling people that the messages did not come from me.
For this reason, I have decided to write up a blog post about Facebook security and how to protect your Facebook account and password from hackers.
To do this, I have received help from who are specialists at this stuff - in fact, we wrote this article together.
So please do yourself the favor and read this article - it might very well save your Facebook account from being hacked in the future.
Also, sorry that this is not a post but all shown on the front page. I am having issues making new posts so I just added this blog post as a static front page for now.

Facebook accounts are desired targets of online hackers and con artists these days, and it's clear to see why.

As with all other popular web site its popularity interests a lot of malicious users. Surely you can use your Facebook account for a great deal of great things but all these people have in mind is to hack your account.

While there is absolutely no way to completely safeguard your Facebook account you will be very safe if you stick to the following easy tips listed down below:

Be careful of hyperlinks that can hack your Facebook account

The important thing to keep in mind is to avoid clicking on hyperlinks you're not familiar with. Whilst these links may be from your contacts who you trust you simply can't know if they already have been hacked. In the worst case scenario the url is malicious and often will ask for your Facebook details. Submitting the password may mail the information straight to the hacker himself. For that reason, always be careful if getting presented with a website link you don't know.

Facebook apps are not necessarily secure

Second to keep in mind is the fact that apps and games are not always harmless. Facebook hosts a large number of handy and legitimate Facebook apps and games which people enjoy to use every single day, however this large volume makes it easy for fraudsters to trick users into installing and utilizing apps that are nothing but scams. This is essentially what Blue Portal takes advantage of; they install Facebook apps on users and can hack a Facebook account without the user even knowing it. If anybody asks you to try out an application you have never heard about, send them a private message before you give access to it and ask them if they truly use that app and if they actually sent the message. Just because it seems to be that it was sent to you from a close friend does not mean it really was.

An email "from Facebook" is almost always from a Facebook hacker

Yet another thing to always remember is the fact that Facebook rarely sends e-mails with the exception of what you are subscribed to (for example upcoming birthdays, new friend requests and so forth). Be careful when receiving an email in which you are required to take a specific action instead of just informing you of an event on Facebook. In case Facebook really asks you to take a certain step actively then you will be able to get it done directly through your Facebook account. You do not have to risk your account info by visiting an unknown hyperlink in an e-mail for any reason.

How to figure out whether or not your Facebook account was hacked

Something that is becoming a lot more widespread on Fb nowadays is unfamiliar links that show up in your wall. Although a link is shared by your friend does not imply you always must trust it as safe. The Facebook account of your friend could have been compromised. The simplest way to check whether your friend really suggested the url is to phone him and have him confirm it.

Only use your password for your Facebook account

One method to secure your profile from cyber criminals would be to ensure that you exclusively use your Facebook password for your Facebook account. Plenty of people are inclined to utilize the same password for all of their accounts which is dumb because you will lose every one of them if one among the accounts gets hacked.

Yet another element to remember is to look at your account timeline regularly. Here you will get a breakdown of almost everything you have done from your Facebook account thus you will be able to pick up on any strange actions. If you find anything you didn't do then you can just get rid of it by right clicking the item.

A few pointers to avoid getting hacked

In case you have not previously, you will surely get friend requests by users you don't know. Many will likely be legitimate requests however some of those could be from online criminals aiming to crack your account. In general rarely accept friend requests from users you don't know. Despite how kind or gorgeous they look. Remember the fact that the individual from the profile image might not be the one behind the user. Below are some points to look out for:

  1. Just how old is the contacts' account? In case it had been made over the last week or less, We advise disregarding the friend request unless it originated from somebody you know personally.
  2. The cracker is not very likely to make use of images of themself for the phony Facebook profile. He will therefore typically get a number of images using Google. These will frequently be pictures of famous people or models therefore they will often seem a tad too good-looking for just a Facebook account. Do not forget this when you see whether the profile is real or bogus.
  3. What kind of posts are on the profile Timeline? Is it the normal kinds of posts you are familiar with experiencing from your other Facebook mates or are they weird? Should they appear weird, it's likely that the complete Facebook account is actually a scam.

In conclusion...

Throughout this blog post, I have brought up a couple ways that malicious users use to hack your FB profile. Take into account that a great many other techniques exist and that the simplest way to remain secure is to use common-sense when visiting websites on the web in general.
I certainly hope that you can avoid getting your Facebook account hacked in the future... It certainly was no fun when it happened to me!

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