The Run I Needed

It happened. The run that I have been waiting for. You all told me that I would find my running groove again and I knew I would, I just had no idea when it would happen. I’m not calling this a comeback (yet) but its a huge step in the right direction. Even though I […]

Running Strong And Boston Thoughts

Happy Marathon Monday everyone! Good luck to all of the Boston Marathon runners today! I hope I can follow along as much as possible during the race. I remember last year it happened to fall over spring break and I was able to take the day off and watch the race from home. It’s definitely one […]

Adjusting, Adapting, and Accepting

It has been quite a week around here! Since my last post, we have moved and (somewhat) settled in to our new place. It’s been great, but so exhausting. There was the part of the move that was tiring in the way that is to be expected- moving and unpacking boxes, walking up and down steps, […]

Scenes From The Weekend

I feel like a broken record, but this was another exhausting weekend! So here’s what’s been going on around here lately…. A Saturday morning run….  Sent to Home Depot…came back with alcohol and coffee…  Rob learns how to take care of the lawn….  Wine at my parents’ after dinner…..  The packing never ends…..  At least […]

Workouts + Meal Planning And Prep 3/29-4/4

Last week was a good one as far as workouts go because I RAN! It wasn’t much, but it was something. And I am happy to report that this week I have been feeling so much better than the few weeks before!   Sunday: Rest (sort of) Monday: 1 mile easy and strength training Tuesday: 30 minutes swimming;  PT in […]

Pin It Party: Running Tips

Today’s post is something a little different- I’m joining the “Pin It Party” hosted by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean! The idea is that I will share 5 posts with links and pinable images, along with a quick description. I went with a “Running Tips” theme, so I hope that you find something […]

A Look Back at March 2015

Here we are a few days into April, so it’s time to look back on the month of March and check in on 2015 goals! You can read my other monthly recaps so far here: January 2015 February 2015 -As you may know I have been in physical therapy since early February. I stopped running […]

Thinking About Spring Break, E-mails, And Some Running Stuff Too!

Happy Thursday! It kind of feels like a Friday because it’s the last day of school before spring break. Time to celebrate with a glass of wine! I usually work over spring break, but this year I am taking off next Wednesday through Friday to finish up packing and get ready for the actual move. Maybe […]

When You Want To Blog But Don’t Feel Like Thinking…

When you want to blog but don’t feel like thinking… …you share pictures of your food. And random musings from your day. I actually came up with some topics to blog about while I was working out on Saturday morning.  However, they were posts that required a little more thinking and effort. When I want […]

This Weekend Was Fueled By Starbucks

I don’t remember the last time I was so exhausted after a weekend. It was probably at the end of our wedding weekend. But I took two days off work after that. This time there was no wedding, so partying, no gifts, and no extra days off. Instead, the weekend was spent doing non-stop errands […]

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