Workouts and Weekend Update

Well, we made it to March! I am planning to do a February recap/check-in post tomorrow, but for today I’m just gonna talk about what’s been happening lately and share last week’s workouts. My ClassPass Trial Expired on Wednesday, so I did my best to get in a few more classes earlier this week.  Sunday: Rest, PT […]

Meal Planning and Prep 2/22-2/28

Lately I have felt like I’ve had a better rhythm with my meal planning and prep. I guess it got a little more stressful when I was doing the Whole30 because I really wanted to try different things that required some more work. But now I know what we like, and I try to stick with things […]

Friday Five: Things That Make Me Happy

This week I came across four different blog posts with the title “Things That Make Me Happy”. I was inspired to make my own list of what makes me happy these days, especially after yesterday’s depressing “I hate winter” post.  And what better way to do that than in “Friday Five” format, since this week […]

I’m So Over This Winter: Thinking Out Loud #39

I know that many of us are getting really fed up with winter at this point. Last week I tried to avoid complaining about the weather, but this week I’m just gonna go with it. Kind of an extension of this post about why I don’t like the cold weather and my previous thinking out loud post […]

Adventures in Physical Therapy Week 3: Adding Some Challenge

During my third week in physical therapy, we continued the same exercises from the previous week but added some challenge to them. You can check out those exercises here and read about my gait analysis here.   I continued to do adductor strengthening by standing on one leg and pressing the other leg into a wall or table. However, this week we added […]

Tried It Tuesday: Pilates and Reflex Fitness

Last week I had the opportunity to try a few more classes through ClassPass. I realized that my membership would be over on 2/26 so I started planning out a schedule to make the most of it. The weather last week made things a little tricky. I had signed up for a cycle class last Tuesday but […]

Weekend Update and Last Week’s Workouts

Another {snowy} weekend has come and gone. I’ve probably said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: Baltimore does not do a good job of handling snow. I don’t know who is to blame but Saturday was a complete mess. We had just experienced a few days of single-digit temps and sub-zero wind […]

Meal Planning and Prep 2/15-2/21

Last weekend was back to normal with meal planning and prep…sort of. Remember how we went to Whole Foods and it was crazy? Well, after that we went to Fresh Market to get things we couldn’t find at WF and then couldn’t imagine going to a third grocery store, so we tried to get all our groceries […]

5 Baltimore Races to Run in 2015

Today’s theme for the Friday Five link-up is “5 Races to Run in 2015″, so I thought I would share my 5 favorite Baltimore races! We will go in order from shortest to longest distance; I tried to include some variety in this list!: 1. Run to Remember 5k (9/13/15) I haven’t done too many 5ks that go […]

This Week’s Thoughts and Ramblings (TOL #38)

Thursdays sure come along much faster when you have a random snow day on Tuesday!  I always feel like days off in the middle of the week make the week fly by. However, the winter still drags on. I just avoid looking at the 10 day forecast now because it’s too depressing. So let’s talk about what’s been […]

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