Turning 32 and Adult Drinking Habits (TOL)

I always get excited when I start my Thinking Out Loud posts because it means the weekend is in sight! -It reminds me of college when I used to go out on Thursday nights and convinced myself that it was the start of the weekend. It always made for a struggle on Friday but it […]

Monday’s Meals and New Recipes

Over the weekend I tried out a few new recipes. Ok, so it was only two (and both were from Michele) but I also made an older recipe for the first time in a while. Other than that my food on Monday wasn’t anything too exciting. As usual I ate about 3 breakfasts and 4 snacks:) Pre-run […]

Tips for Time Management During the Peak Weeks

Marathon training can be time consuming in general, but the peak weeks can feel overwhelming as our mileage reaches a point that pushes most of us close to our limits. Besides the running alone we may also struggle to find the time to fit in our strength training/core work, foam rolling and other recovery activities, […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Week 9

This past week was a cut-back week, and I was happy about that for a few different reasons! First off, it was nice to have a break from building up my long runs. I had also been building up my easy weekday runs since early August, and those were cut from 6 to 4 this […]

A Look Back at September 2015

Well, I guess at this point I shouldn’t be surprised that September went by in a flash! I think that will happen from now until January…then the winter months will crawl! Now that September is over, it’s time for my monthly check-in to see how I am doing with my goals. You can read my other […]

Thoughts from the Halfway Point

As I mentioned on Monday, I recently passed the halfway point in my marathon training. With 8 weeks down and 8 more to go, I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what I have learned so far- thinking out loud style. 1.BODY GLIDE!!!  I have been running for over a decade […]

WIAW: Keeping It Simple

Lately I have been all about keeping my meals simple. This means leftovers, making recipes I am familiar with or that seem easy, and preparing foods on the weekends, like my on-the-go breakfasts. I think that I am getting to the point in training where I don’t have the energy to do anything extra, yet I […]

On-The-Go Breakfast Recipe Round-Up

Today’s post is a round-up of on-the-go breakfast recipes, but if you are looking to read about running today you should head over to Meredith’s Blog–> The Cookie ChRUNicles. She will be talking about the taper as she prepares for her half-marathon this weekend and she will be sharing some tips that I sent her […]

Route 66 Marathon Training Week 8

Week 8 is over which means I am halfway through my training! This was a good week, with some solid workouts and an 18 mile long run. Things got moved around a bit because of a Friday night wedding. Here is how the week looked.  Monday: 6 miles easy, core and hip exercises Tuesday: 7 miles- this […]

5 Things to Love about Fall

Back in June I shared my 5 favorite summer activities which was the Friday Five theme that week. I seriously can’t believe that it’s time to talk about fall activities and that summer is over! I was reading over that post and I feel like I wrote it yesterday. As I have said, I have […]

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