A Look Back At July 2015

I definitely feel like the spring and summer months always go by faster than the winter months. That makes sense, because every winter I feel like I am stuck inside and constantly complaining about the weather. Even though I complain about the humidity, I would much rather deal with that than the ice/snow/wind etc.  Now that […]

5 Race Day Surprises

This week’s theme for the Friday Five is “Race Day Surprises”. Have you ever been caught off-guard (in a good or a bad way) before, during, or after a race? I thought I would reminisce about a few of those moments that come to mind.  1. The perfect finish line treat I remember that after the […]

Thinking Back And Thinking Ahead

After seeing Billy Joel in concert last Saturday I’ve had his songs in my head all week. Which makes me want to play his songs all the time. Maybe you would like to enjoy some tunes while you read through this week’s random post? Speaking of Billy Joel songs, I think the only song I know […]

The Marathon On My Mind

After months of debating about a fall race, I finally bit the bullet and decided to run a marathon at the end of November. I knew that if I did a full it would be the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, because Rob had already signed up, and we were planning to incorporate it into […]

Core Strength For Runners + Weekly Workout Recap

Today’s theme for Tuesdays on the Run is “Core Strength For Runners”. Before I get into my weekly workout recap, I thought I would share a few exercises I have been doing lately to work on my stability. These were recommended after my Functional Movement Screening based on my areas of weakness and current level of […]

Weekend Updates- Friends, Family, and Billy Joel

I’m back from a few days of barely touching my computer, which always comes as a nice break when that happens! It was a great weekend, although I failed at taking adequate pictures. So I’ll recap as best I can, and save my weekly training recap for tomorrow since this will be a long post […]

Oatmeal Walnut Muffin Recipe

Almost two weeks later, I am finally getting around my posting the recipe for Oatmeal Walnut Muffins I created on a whim. This was one of those recipes that I came up with just by using what I had in my kitchen (which wasn’t much- we hadn’t gone grocery shopping) and lucky enough I wrote down […]

Thoughts Involving Summer And Running

It’s probably no surprise that I will be talking about summer and running today. Lately that is all I talk about, along with food (occasionally).  I give those of you who run in the afternoons/evenings so much credit. I ran 2 miles with a coaching client Wednesday afternoon, which was a relatively cooler day, and it was […]

I Guess I Eat The Same Things Every Day

On Monday I decided to document my meals to share, only to realize that I was eating the same things I have shared on here a million times before. I feel like I change things up quite a bit, but apparently not. I think the problem is that I always eat the same things on […]

Three Ways I Use The Forerunner 620 Features

I started using the Garmin Forerunner 620 in November 2013, and did a brief review around that time. I’ve been meaning to talk about it again now that I am more familiar with it, but never got around to it. Today I thought I would discuss three of the features of the Garmin 620 that stand […]

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