Fast-Finish Focused 5k Workout

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a little teaser for this workout that I posted the other day. I came up with this as I was trying decide on a workout to do on Tuesday. I had done 400s the week before, and wanted something different. I thought about how my […]

Thoughts On Learning From The Past

After writing yesterday’s post about my 2015 goals, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what my next steps will be. Should I sign up for a half marathon? A full marathon? Wait a bit longer and continue on as I’ve been doing for a little while? How will I make sure that I can […]

A Look Back at June 2015

And just like that half of 2015 has come and gone! As usual I will be talking about June but also the first half of the year overall.  You can read my other monthly recaps so far here: January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 -I say this every month, but I’m […]

Tried It Tuesday: Community Acupuncture

Remember how a few weeks ago I won a gift card for acupuncture at a 5k? Well, after looking a little more into the clinic where I won the gift card, I learned that it was considered “community acupuncture”, and had the opportunity to give it a try last week. I’ll talk a little more about […]

Weekly Recap 6/21-6/27 And Weekend Update

This week of running was a pretty great one overall, and I hit my highest mileage of the year! I got in some speed work on Monday, an easy yoga class, lots of strength training, and a tempo/long run on Saturday. Next week will definitely be cut back week I’m thinking! Sunday: Rest, besides some headstands. […]

June Runfessions & 5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago

Since it’s the last Friday of the month, I thought I would start off by sharing some runfessions with Marcia! -I love summer running. I may complain about the heat and humidity, but all I want to do in the summer is run outside. I’ve had to keep my miles in check because I just […]

House Stuff And A Day Off (Thinking Out Loud)

Hello and Happy Thursday! I have been trying to sit down and write this post for a good hour now, and I keep getting distracted. Sometimes that happens when I try to Think Out Loud. So I poured myself a glass of wine, and maybe you want to do the same? Unless it’s 7am and […]

Monday’s Meals And Workouts

In today’s post I will be sharing my meals from Monday…not because they were exciting in any way but just because they represent pretty much the types of foods I’ve been eating lately. If nothing else it’s helpful for me to go back and see how my habits have or haven’t changed over time, and if it affected how I […]

Weekly Workout Recap And Thoughts about the “Long Run”

Now that you are all up to date with my busy but fun-filled weekend, let’s back up a bit and talk about last week’s workouts. As I mentioned on Friday, I switched up my strength-training a bit last week so I want to share how that played out. I was actually really glad I did […]

Cape Cod Wedding Weekend

I’m back from an amazing weekend in Cape Cod celebrating the wedding of two amazing people, Alli and JT! This post will be pretty much recap of the weekend in photos, and tomorrow I will be back with my regular running talk! Before our flight out of BWI I treated myself to a wine flight […]

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